Below devices support to professional flash:
iPod Touch2, iPod Touch3, iPod Touch4, iPod Touch5, iPod Touch6
iPad1,iPad2,iPad3,iPad4,iPad Air,iPad Air2,iPad mini/2/3/4,iPad Pro
iPhone3G,iPhone3GS,iPhone4,iPhone4s,iPhone5,iPhone 5c,iPhone5s,iPhone6,iPhone6 Plus
Steps to enter DFU mode:
1. Keep device in normal mode or recovery mode, plug USB cable (please don't use USB extension cable)
2. Hold HOME button, then hold power button until screen is blank
3. Release the POWER button after about 4 seconds, but keep holding the HOME button for about 10 seconds
14:33:46 Friendly reminder:
14:33:46 Please make sure device turned off 'Find My iPhone'
14:33:46 The device will can not activated without Apple ID after flash, in case device turned on 'Find My iPhone'
14:33:47 Method to check: Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone
14:33:47 Please connect USB cable to apple mobile device, make sure you are in DFU mode14:33:59 User stopped operating, error at line 14825
14:33:59 Failed to flash
14:33:59 If the device doesn't exit current mode
14:33:59 Please hold the HOME and POWER buttons for about 10 seconds
14:33:59 Flash and jailbreak of apple device, please visit official website of 3uTools 3uTools iOS jailbreak & flash tool
14:33:59 Elapsed Time: 00:00:12
Activation of device used in:
Use for activating the new unactivated device
Use for activating the flashed unactivated device
Activation supports below device:
iPod Touch23456
iPhone66 Plus6s6s Plus
iPhone77 Plus
Steps of activating device:
1.Insert the SIM card into device(iPad.iPod ignore this step), SIM card of corresponding carrier needs to be inserted into the locked device
2.Please make sure device under the normal status
3.Please connect your device to your computer using the USB cable
14:51:18 Checking AppleMobileDevice service14:51:18 Waiting connect in normal mode14:51:18 Retrieving device's information14:51:18 Unique Device ID: 4a5535d30244ebc2be84a2080dffb84e5fb868c6
14:51:18 Device Class: iPhone
14:51:18 Build Version: 11D257
14:51:18 Product Type: iPhone3,1
14:51:18 iOS Version: 7.1.2
14:51:18 Obtaining activating data14:51:21 Activating14:51:22 Operations are completed
14:51:22 Elapsed Time: 00:00:04
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Jailbreak 12.4 solved fixed 3utools Guys I was lost as a chicken the other day when my batt died some dude in here recommended 3utools it’s a windows exe that searches the internet for the right jb api it loads and you certificated in settings profiles done Saved my life this Got banned one r/jaikbreak for trying to help people so I’m here. How to Jailbreak 32-Bit iOS 10.X Using 3uTools? How to Jailbreak iOS 12 – iOS 12.1.2 Using 3uTools? How to Jailbreak iOS 11.0 – iOS 11.4.1 Using 3uTools? Semi-untethered iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak on 3uTools How to Jailbreak iOS 10.0 - 10.2 Using 3uTools? How to Jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 Using 3uTools? How to Jailbreak iOS 10.3.3 Using H3lix? Sep 12, 2019  3uTools-Forum. Welcome to 3uTools forum. Here you can find all information about iOS and 3uTools. Help & Support. For all questions & answers about 3uTools and iOS. Moderators: Jacob Black, Grace Liu, Lily Lee, Moderators. 328 topics Page 3 of 14. Didn't Mean to Delete That? Here's How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Your iPhone. Oct 13, 2012 After an iOS device is jailbroken with an app like redsn0w it is either going to be needed to be booted tethered or untethered. Untethered Boot. An untethered boot is restarting an iOS device such as an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that has been jailbroken without the assistance of any software (redsn0w in this case) and to continue to use it in its jailbroken state.

Ios users who like to customize their idevice using beyond the Apple app store install cydia apps need to jailbreak their i-device.
3utools offers jailbreak options you for free. You can easily jailbreak your iPhone using 3utools apps.

3utools Jailbreak possibilities.

ios 4.x / ios5.x jailbreak ios9.2 – ios9.3.3 jailbreak

ios5.1.1 / 6.x / 7.x jailbreak ios9.1 – 9.3.5 (32bit) jailbreak

ios 8.0 – 8.4.1 jailbreak ios 10.0 – 10.3.3 jailbreak

ios9.0 – ios9.0.2 jailbreak ios 11.0 -ios 12.1.2 jailbreak Installing windows with boot camp on mac.

ios 11.4-12.4 jailbreak

According to the ios pioneers ios 12.4 was hoped not to be jailbreakable. But clever jailbreak developers have made the goal. They they have released public the jailbreaking tool named unc0ver jailbreak 12.4.

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Compatible devices
IPhone XS
IPhone XS Max
IPhone XR
A7- A11

Jailbreak ios 12.4

(Delete ios 12 OTA update files if available)
Connect your iPhone to laptop or computer via unbroken data cable for stable connection.
*Before you move to Jailbreak you should back up your iPhone.
(Go to tools and select Backup/Restore and get backup the device. Or it is available in jailbreak section)
* Then you have to enter flash & jailbreak section

and click on jailbreak

and jailbreak 11.4- 12.4

* Then click on Run Jailbreak at lower raw.

*It will start installing jailbreak tool unc0ver

*After installation done you have to verify it.

3utools Failed To Deactivate Account


Settings- General- Device Management – and tap on the developer app and tap on Trust.

*Open unc0ver which we have just installed
*Then tap on jailbreak to commence the process.(Be patient till it finishes the job)

*After done jailbreak tap on OK to reboot.

3utools Failed To Deactivate Phone

*Then iPhone / iPad will respring at the process and finally you could see Cydia icon on the home screen.
(In the case of ending with freeze, do not worry, leave few minutes to recover, and if it fails then reboot the device and repeat the steps)

3utools Failed To Deactivate Windows 10