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  3. 3utools Port Problem Windows 10
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  7. 3utools Port Problem Windows 7

When you flash multiple iDevices using 3uTools, 3uTools will bind the USB port automatically after you connect an iDevice to PC using the USB cable, which means when an iDevice is connected to the same USB port, it will be displayed in a fixed row position in the list.

You’re able to create a new name for each port so as to distinguish them.

Why do I need to unbind port?

I wouldn't get into reflowing IC's, I've suggested that to you before. Especially the Baseband.no good can come from that. I believe it's a software issue. Dig into the 3uTools documentation to find some options before playing with the hardware.

If you want to adjust a port’s row position in the list, you may click “Unbind Port” and then reconnect the iDevice.

If a port is unbound, it won’t be displayed in the list when it is no iDevice connected to; if you unplug iDevice while a port is bound, this USB port will continue to be displayed in the list.

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3utools Port Problems

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Hi my dear friends, Are you already with 3utools or willing to change your i-device setup? Actually if you are not like to the present appearance of your iphone,ipad,ipod and like to customize your idevice here is the tool you must have to do it in your way, easily and totally free.

3utools Port Problem

3utools Port Problem 1

3utools have released their version update 2.38 (2019.01.08) and according to update log it comes with

3utools Port Problem Windows 10

  1. Optimized iTunes drivers repair to enhance successful iDevice connection
  2. Fixed some bugs.
  • First you have to download and install 3utools to your computer / laptop.

3utools Port Problem 2

3utools is computer based application which you can download to your computer for free and customize your iphone,ipad easily. it is much compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 64bit and 32bit versions.

If you haven’t installed the setup yet click here to see 3utools download for free?

  • Run the setup
  • Update 3utools for latest version.

Don’t worry to browse the latest 3utools setup. We always facilitate you to readily have it. So you can always download the latest version by being with us.

3utools Port Problem List

[So if you are using an older version yet this is the time to update the 3utools to the newer version.]

How to install 3utools?


3utools Port Problem Download

Usually it indicates that when it has an update with a red dot at the update button

Once you click on it, checking for updates.

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  • Install the latest update if it is available.
  • Now connect your idevice using the USB cable to the PC.

3utools Port Problem Windows 7

  • When you go to download apps in the Apps section it will ask to bind your Apple ID to it

Now you are ready to use 3utools to change your idevice.