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1. Optimized iTunes driver repair to enhance successful iDevice connection
2. Fixed some bugs
1. Supports compatibility for iPhone 11/Pro/Pro Max.
2. iTunes Flash Supports iOS 13
3. Fixed some functions not compatible with the new version of iTunes
4. Fixed the problem the warranty date can’t be found
5. Fixed some bugs
1. Supports Virtual Location.
2. Supports backing up the boot sector data.
3. Supports iTunes flash and several options of skin color.
4. Supports unlocking the timelimit.
5. Supports skipping the setup assistant.
6. Supports the installation of IPCC.
7. Supports the compatibility of iPod touch 7.
8. Supports display of the charging method (wired, wireless, fast, slow) and charging power.
9, Updates the Back up/Restore with a new interface and a new mode viewing backups.
10. Updates the View iDevice Details with a better layout.
11. Updates the Clean Garbage with a new interface for a new experience.
12. Supports importing ringtones to device of iOS 13 beta.
13. Optimizes the Downloads.
14. Fixes several bugs.
1. Supporting the flash of iOS 13.
2. Add features of Effect, Rotate, and support multi-scenes in 3uAirPlayer.
3. Support new iPad Air 3/iPad mini 5.
4. Add Anti-Recovery Flash Mode in Pro Flash.
5. Optimize some pop-up reminders.
6. Optimize Make Ringtone.
7. Optimize 3uTools iDevice Info.
8. Optimize Photos.
9. Optimize Contacts page in Data.
10. Optimize app downloading in customized restore process.
11. Fix some bugs.
1. Optimize Notes and Voice Memos.
2. Optimize 3uAirPlayer, improve the user's experience.
3. Optimize firmware importing feature in Multiple Flash.
4. Optimize Downloads and enhance stability.
5. Optimize the reminder in Back up/Restore.
6. Fix some bugs.
1. Optimize Photos management.
2. Optimize importing music.
3. Optimize iDevice Verification Report.
4. Fix some bugs.
1. 3u 'PicTools' is released with support to import photos.
2. Enable Wi-Fi connection (on Toolbox - Accessibility).
3. Add support to import live photos.
4. Fix some bugs.
1. Add support for recording desktop screen in 3uAirPlayer.
2. Add support for In-stream Ad when you record a video.
3. iPad Pro 3 is compatible with support.
4. Add support for importing HD wallpapers to Camera Roll.
5. Add French in Language Settings.
6. Optimize Files on iDevice.
7. Optimize iDevice connections and iTunes drivers.
8. Optimize the upgrade reminder.
9. Optimize the error reminder in Ringtones.
10. Optimize 3uTools Verification Report and iDevice Info.
11. Optimize Photos, support for classifying detailed albums.
12. Fix some bugs.
1. iPhone XR is compatible with support.
2. Add support for screen recording and stream in 3uAirPlayer.
3. Add support for Restrictions passcode recovery.
4. Add a shortcut to make ringtones.
5. Allow to view encrypted backup files.
6. Optimize some interactive features.
7. Fix some bugs.
1. iPhone XS and XS Max are compatible with support.
2. Add support for screen mirroring (3uAirPlayer).
3. Optimize Repair Driver.
4. Optimize the reminder of connection.
5. Optimize Back up & Restore.
6. Optimize Photos.
7. Fix some bugs.
1. Add iDevice Verification Report.
2. Adjustable transparency for theme is supported.
3. Add Feedback support.
4. Support to view previous versions.
5. Add Hindi in Language Settings.
6. Optimize password verification on Back up/Restore.
7. Optimize backup reminder.
8. Optimize Repair Driver
9. Add iDevice connection reminder.
10. Fix some bugs.
1. Add popup reminder of backup.
2. Support to remind users to back up before flashing.
3. Add support to customize user interface skin.
4. Add Indonesian in Language Settings.
5. Optimize importing ringtones.
6. Fix some bugs.
1. Support virtual USB drive (UDisk).
2. Add prompt for Personal Hotspot consuming cellular data.
3. Add support to import MP4 format to Camera Roll.
4. Optimize management of Photos.
5. Support to display iDevice’s real-time wallpaper.
6. Optimize prompt for iDevice connection error.
7. Optimize management of Data.
8. Visualize battery charging status.
9. Optimize iTunes Utility.
10. Optimize prompt for restoring App.
11. Support to rename customized ringtone.
12. Fix some bugs.
1. Support new iPad 9.7-inch(2018).
2. Support 64-bit iOS 10.0-10.3.3 jailbreaking.
3. Add Export Settings in Photos.
4. Add Enter Recovery Mode in Toolbox.
5. Add Erase All Data in Toolbox.
6. Add Accessibility feature(AssistiveTouch & VoiceOver).
7. Add Deactivate iDevice in Toolbox.
8. Add Erase All Data feature on Easy Flash.
9. Optimize Books.
10. Update the layout of Toolbox.
11. Optimize the user interface of iDevice's Info.
1. Add support to resize the program interface.
2. Support iOS 11.0-11.1.2 jailbreak.
3. Support iOS 8.4.1 jailbreaking for 32-bit iDevices.
4. Optimize Data.
5. Fix the issue that some iDevices fail to restore to iOS 11.3 beta.
6. Fix some bugs.
1. Support jailbreaking 32-bit iDevices running on iOS 9.1-9.3.5.
2. Support jailbreaking 32-bit iDevices running on iOS 10.0-10.3.3.
3. Add iTunes Utility in Toolbox.
4. Add search bar ins disk information display on iOS 10.3 and later.
2. Support (Product) Red iPhone 7 & new iPad 9.7-inch.
3. Optimize Contacts/Bookmarks/Notes in Data.
4. Fix a bug causing flash failure on some iDevices.
5. Fix some bugs.
1. Support turning off iOS update notifications & pre-download the update files.
2. Optimize files import and export.
3. Improve performance and stability of Multiple Flash.
4. Fix a bug that may cause some iDevices stuck in DFU Mode after flash or can't be flashed.
5. Fix some bugs.
1. Flash & Jailbreak.
1.1 Support iOS 10.3 beta flash.
1.2 Support iOS 9.2-9.3.3 jailbreak.
1.3 Support iOS 10.0-10.2 jailbreak.
1.4 Add Firmware Location button in Easy Flash, Pro Flash and Multiple Flash.
2. Software Settings.
2.1 Support binding Apple ID turned on two-factor authentication.
3. Toolbox.
3.1 Add audio converter.
4. Backup/Restore.
4.1 Add Note Viewer in Backup Viewer.
4.2 Add Call History Viewer in Backup Viewer.
4.3 Add Bookmark Viewer in Backup Viewer.
1. Optimize the verification of downloading firmware.
2. Fix some bugs.
1. Support flashing multiple iDevices simultaneously.
2. Add Contacts and Messages Backup Viewer.
3. Support downloading iTunes in Windows XP 64-bit.
4. Fix some bugs.
1. Add sub progress for file import and export.
2. Support backuping and restoring apps in Backup and Restore.
3. Support backuping and restoring apps in Customized Backup and Restore.
4. Add App list in Backup Viewer.
5. Optimize photos management.
6. Add Personal Authorized apps.
7. Fix some bugs.
1. Optimize the photos management.
2. Optimize the functions on Easy Flash and Pro Flash.
3. Optimize some details.
1. Fix a program crash at poping up a special warning dialog during Easy Flash.
2. Optimize Backup / Restore.
3. Optimize online play in Ringtones.
4. Enhance the stability of 3uTools.
5. Fix some bugs.
1. Optimize the photos management.
2. Fix some bugs.
3. Enhance the stability of 3uTools.
1. Add free resource stores
 App store
 Ringtone store
 Wallpaper store
2. Support iOS device management
 iDevice information
 Apps management
 Photos management
 Music management
 Ringtones management
 Videos management
 Books management
 Data management(contacts, call history, messages, notes, voice memos, bookmarks, calendars)
 Files management
3. Add toolbox
 Backup / Restore
 Clean Garbage
 Make Ringtone
 Covert Video
 Migrate Data
 Compress Photo
 Realtime Screen
 Realtime Log
 Delete Invalid Icon
 Open SSH
1. Fix a crash bug.
1. Fix some bugs.
1.Easy Flash and Pro Flash Support iOS9.3.2 IPSW download and flash.
1.Pro Flash supports iOS9.3 IPSW download and flash.
2. Support new iPhone SE and iPad Pro(9.7inch).
1.Support the final iOS9.2.1 IPSW download and flash.

3utools V1.06 Download Torrent

1. Support iOS9.2 IPSW download and flash.
2. Fix some bugs.
3. Support iOS9.2.1 beta1 IPSW download and flash.
1. Support iOS 9.1 flash &activation.

3utools V1.06 Download Mac

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Best itunes alternative itools and 3utools

Best itunes alternative itools and 3utools

3utools V1.06 Download Pc

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