Jan 15, 2016  How to Fix Reiboot not work and Exit Recorvery mode Step 1: Copy file SQLite3.dll in folder C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleApple Application Support Ste. Tenorshare ReiBoot is a handy iOS repair utility that lets you easily access and exit the iPhone recovery mode without losing data. If your iPhone XR / XS / X / 8/7 / 7plus / 6s / 6s plus / 6 / 6plus / 5s / 5 is in recovery mode or in DFU mode when upgrading to iOS 12/11, this iOS system repair Tool the best software to get iOS back to normal with an intuitive user interface.

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  • Part 1: Back up

Which data you are not able to back up?

3uTools can help you backup almost all data, but here is a list of content that you can not back up.

3utools Vs Reiboot 5

1. Contents in the iTunes Store & App Store (including all the Apps), and the PDF downloaded to your iBooks (you can choose to back up these contents in your iTunes).

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2. Data you synced from iTunes, such as MP3, CD, video, books & photos.

3. The photos stored in iCloud, such as My Photo Stream & iCloud photo album.

4. Touch ID Setting.

3utools Vs Reiboot 2017

5. Apple Pay information & settings.

6. 'Activity History', 'Health', 'Keychain' data (if you want to back up them, you only choose encrypted backup).

Back up Operations:

Step 1 Connect the iDevice to the PC, find 'Back up/Restore' in 3uTools.

Let's do a whole back up for your device.

Step 2Wait for Backup Complete

The more data need to be backed up, the more time will be needed (sometimes it may cost hours), please wait patiently for the backup completed.

  • Part 2: Restore

1. Restore feature allows you to restore all the backup data & settings you backed up;

2. if you have set a password, the restore cannot proceed without the password;

3. When you restore the data, the backup data size cannot exceed the iDevice storage space;

4. Backup saved from the higher iOS version iDevice cannot be restored to a lower iOS version iDevice.

Restore Operations:

Step 1 Connect the iDevice to the PC, then click the 'Back up/Restore' from Toolbox and click the 'Restore'.

The more data need to be restored, the more time will be needed, please wait patiently for the restore complete.

Step 2: If you have back up multiple times, choose a backup you want to restore now

Step 3: After data files were restored successfully, please don’t unplug iDevice. Please wait for the iDevice to reboot and then choose if you need to restore apps.

3uTools will download and install the apps you have restored to your iDevice, you may view more details in Downloads.

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More and more iOS users are using 3uTools, our team members are making efforts on a multi-functional 3uTools for users.


But if you are a newbie of 3uTools, you may ask what's the difference between iTunes and 3uTools?

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3utools Vs Reiboot Download

3utools Vs Reiboot 1

The short answer is 3uTools simplifies all complicated process in iTunes, and you can handle it easier in 3uTools.

3utools Vs Reiboot

We can read more from some important aspects:

1. Software feature

iTunes is a media player, media library, online radio broadcaster, and mobile device management application developed by Apple Inc. Mobile device management is one of the features in iTunes.

3uTools is the most efficient iOS files & data management tool, and all-in-one iOS helper with useful, plentiful features.

2. Update Feature

iTunes lets you Update (retain data, likes OTA) and Restore (without data) your iOS devices, but only to the latest iOS version.

Tip: you could hold Shift and click Restore to import available firmware you have downloaded on your PC.

3uTools lets you choose and download all availale firmwares on Easy Flash page, and you could select 'Retain users data' manually. You can flash any available iOS (including beta for developers) for your devices at anytime.

You just need to click flash, and 3uTools will download the firmware automatically.

3. Back up and Restore Feature

iTunes can back up the complete data contained in an iPhone or other devices. You can turn on/off Automatically Back Up from Edit- Preferences- Devices.

3uTools lets you back up your iDevice in 2 ways: Back up a whole iDevice, or you could also choose to save some customized backups. Vise versa, you can restore your iDevice using Restore Data or Customized Restore.

What's more, you can view all backup files or set a password for your backup.

4. Import/export photos

iTunes lets you move photos to your iPhone or iPad, but it does not allow you to move them from your iPhone or iPad to your computer.

Tip: If you want to copy photos to PC, you could click Computer-iPhone-Internal storage to find all folders. As below:

At 3uTools, you could do both import and export on all albums/ photos easily. Head to Photos on 3uTools as below:

5. Ringtones

Previously, we wrote a tutorial about how to set ringtones in 3uTools and iTunes, you could read here to know the difference.


iTunes is effective to manage music and other media files, but sometimes I find it's hard to process because somefeatures in iTunes are invisible. 3uTools is an all-in-one tool by simplifying the complicated process in iTunes to help you manage your iOS devices. So you can handle all the steps easier. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, our team members will help you if you need our support anytime.

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