B.Serrano brings you the Nibiru 2 Filter! 4 bands resonator. It consists of 4 parallels band-pass filters with resonance and spread. 4 LFO routable to Frequency and Spread via the digital matrix. 4 parallels multimodes filters (LP, HP, BP, Notch). /free-voice-recording-software-with-auto-tune.html. 4 LFO host syncable. Stereo balance on. We are providing you with a compilation of the best and top free vst plugins to use for your music processing and productions. These plugins are compatible with the all musical softwares including Fl studio, reaper, ableton, etc on all pc windows (32 bit & 64. May 06, 2015 Anubis consists of nine waveforms for each oscillator (there are only two oscillators included), two LFOs, delay-, chorus-, and unison sections and a filter. The most impressing feature is the extensive mod-matrix and the detailled evelopes. Anubis is free available to download at: Anubis Link. Jul 20, 2015 Home » synthesizer » Download VST PLUGIN - B.Serrano - Anubis 2 VST Plugin. Monday, July 20, 2015. Download VST PLUGIN - B.Serrano - Anubis 2 VST Plugin By Unknown.

A quick multi-tracks making of Anubis-2 VST synthesizer. No mastering FX like Eq or Comp. Just the synth onboard effects.


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Grat Song

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@chronocepter: no

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Megaman X guitar Is you?

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@berryberryofficial: Use a bridge program.

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hey, is it possible to download in 64 bit mode?

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very nice sounds here too

Anubis 2 Vst Download

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I like this kind of synthesizer, new sound give new creatiion!

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Analogue magic!

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Anubis 2 Vst Download Full

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Super sons ! Beau travail, félicitations !

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congrants for your fantastic synths!