Ozark Import Specialists offers a wide variety of vehicle repair and maintenance services including heating and cooling systems, transmission work, tune-ups. With Custom Car Tune-Ups & Performance Upgrades Add a little kick to your ride with custom performance upgrades from XP Racing. Our performance shop specializes in everything from simple bolt-on installation to custom forced induction fabrication and transmission builds to dyno tuning.

Having a dyno tune completed on your car will require a hefty fee. The dynamometer is not a simple machine to operate if you have never done it before. Therefore, there are specialized shops that will take your car and tune it up on the dyno machine for you. While this will cost you a little initially, the long running savings will be worth it.

Dyno tuning your vehicle can greatly enhance the performance of your engine. Tuning your car through the use of a dynamometer should be thought of as more of a scientific experiment than a garage project.

Costs to Tune a Car

Taking your car to a dyno tuning garage is the best way to not only improve performance, boost horsepower, and make the engine run more efficiently. However, initial costs can start at $400 to $700. This number will depend on several different factors such as make of car, any parts that are needed and additions to make it run more efficiently.

Aftermarket Parts

One of the things factored into the tuning cost of getting your car tuned on a dyno are the aftermarket products that needed. There are times when you will not need to add anything. However, if you want to get the best tuning job done you will need to replace some parts with aftermarket parts.


Some of the costs involved with the actual tuning on the dyno involve the technician going through an initial diagnostic run. Most people think that just one run is going to be enough. The best results are made when there are several runs on the dyno to determine the baseline of your engine. From there they can diagnose any problems that might be found.

Spend What You Can


Dyno Tuning For Motorcycles

When it comes to how much you should spend on a dyno, keep in mind that you are going to pay at least $400 for just the diagnostic work. From there it will be up to you whether to spend more or not. Keep in mind your budget, and what you can afford for adding any other products.

If you feel the need to try your hand at manually performing a set of dyno test-based upgrades to your vehicle, then there are some things you must be aware of.

Know What You Want to See Before Testing

There are a lot of variables in the engine while it is running. Things like fuel pressure, valve timing, problems with spark plugs and wires, exhaust and emissions, the throttle body, fuel injection, and other problems can be found after you roll your car on the dyno testing platform. Having a plan beforehand will always help you see some things, while also helping you locate other problem areas.

Know What You Want to Change Before Testing

Along with knowing which problem areas you want to look at, you should also have a plan thought out about the parts of your engine that you want to change. By knowing this you will save a lot of time in the process by having the tools and the parts necessary on hand while the car is on the dynamometer.

Know What You Are Looking At

For one who is not well versed on the dyno tuner you can make a lot of assumptions without knowing the true reality of what the numbers are saying. You may think that the A/F ratio is a little off and go about changing valve timing to make it better. However, the truth may be that you only need to do a slight adjustment. Read about the dyno testing machines, and talk with skilled users before trying to read the numbers.

Perform Several Baseline Runs

The best way to determine your vehicle’s performance and power is to perform several different baseline runs. This will show you where your car is before you make any changes. However, because of the way that different factors can change performance you should run several tests to make a true determination.

Be Methodical in Your Testing

Getting the most wheel horsepower, fixing some of the problems or making your engine fit emissions standards cannot be done when you are pulling out parts and changing things on the fly. It should be a systematic process where you only change out one thing at a time. When you swap out fuel injection, spark plugs and change the timing all at the same time, you will radically change the results making it seem like there are other problems.

Using a notebook to write down everything is one of the most important things you can do when dyno tuning your vehicle’s engine. Take one step at a time and do not try to rush the process by jumping to conclusions when there is minimal power gain with stock engines.

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We offer in-house dyno tuning on our AWD 1200hp Dyno Dynamics chassis dyno

We also offer dyno rental by the hour with your tuner or ours.
We specialize in Hondata, Ectune, AEM EMS, and Cobb Accessport systems.


We guarantee that your engine will make the most power possible with a tune by KAIZENSPEED or it's free. We're confident that under fixed conditions we can extract maximum power from almost any configuration.

We'll make the most horsepower or your tune is free!

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Standalone engine management (Motec, AEM, Accel, etc): Depending on workload we offer tuning services for just about every engine managment system. If you have a system that isn't listed on this page then shoot us an email. We can configure your ECU including setting up your outputs such as boost control, radiator fans, nitrous injection, etc. We can also provide maps tuned for alternate fuels such as E85 or race fuel.

Please contact us for pricing on standalone engine management tuning. Contact Form

Auto Dyno Tuning Arkansas Ar

HP Tuners: We have been tuning with this system with a handful of cars from supercharged Corvettes to NA GTO's. If you want to install a supercharger, have just done so, or you need a tune for a performance camshaft or set of cylinder heads please give us a call.

Please contact us for pricing on HP Tuners tuning. Contact Form

Auto Dyno Tuning Arkansas 2017

Auto Dyno Tuning Arkansas

Hondata K-pro: The K-Series feature continuously variable cam timing and K-pro is set up with different maps for every 10 degrees of cam advance, with VTEC and NON-VTEC maps for fuel and ignition, that is 24 MAPS TO TUNE. We spend the time to tune all applicable maps which can mean 20+ hours on the dyno, depending on the application.
K-Pro tunes include full CELL-BY-CELL dyno tune of air/fuel ratio and ignition timing for all 24 maps, also included is cold start tuning, modifier table setup, and cam advance table tuning to ensure the best possible drivability and performance from your setup.
Please contact us for pricing on K-pro tuning. Contact Form

Hondata & eCtune:
Hondata and eCtune tunes include full CELL-BY-CELL dyno tune of air/fuel ratio and ignition timing, also included is cold start tuning, modifier table setup, to ensure the best possible drivability and performance from your setup. The Hondata S300 and eCtune software now feature ECU based boost control which can be used for gear dependant boost applications, and can be further refined with high and low boost settings at the flick of a switch. The S300 and eCtune software also feature secondary fuel and ignition tables which can easily be set for pump or race fuel.
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Hondata FlashPro:
The FlashPro features full user adjustability of fuel injector scaling, expandable fuel, ignition and cam angle tables for boost, support for the Hondata 4 BAR MAP sensor, on-board datalogging, launch control, and much more. Best of all it flashes your factory ECU right through the OBDII port, you do NOT need to send your ECU in to be modifed for the FlashPro to work! This is a must-have upgrade for your 2006 or newer Civic Si.
Please contact us for pricing on Flashpro tuning. Contact Form

Car Dyno Tuning Near Me

Example: If we tuned your car and it makes 575 peak horsepower but you're convinced it should make 600. You go home, talk to a different tuner and he agrees that it should have made more. Call us at (509) 585-0900 and schedule an appointment, we'll let your tuner tune the car on our dyno, and even show him how to operate the dyno controls. If your tuner makes more power then we get a chance to check our tune for the same conditions and if we can't beat your tuner then your original tune fee will be refunded!

Dyno Tuning Cost

*However, if we do beat your tuner, then you must pay $125/hour for the dyno time.