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Antares AutoTune 8.1 Crack Pro is a new flex-Tune pitch correction technology. It has natural pitch modification and audio quality. It provides vocalists unmatched liberty to work with vocal creativity.

Antares AutoTune Pro Mac is a robust audio add-on which gives you to create adjustments of pitch correction on your Mac. It is an audio add-on which comes in the AU, VST or RTAS formats. It has the capability to correct the tone of your sound files. It can add-in integrates automatic and graphic tone correction modes or turns out to be fairly.

Jun 13, 2018 Antares Auto Tune 8.1.1 Crack & Serial Key Working Antares Auto Tune 8.1.1 Crack is one of the finest tool used for the purpose of pitch correction of music and sound. The main problem nowadays for any music producer or artist is pitch correction and to make the correct sound according to the requireme. Download autotune 3 full version zip for free. Multimedia tools downloads - Antares Auto-Tune 3 DirectX by Antares Audio Technologies, Inc. And many more programs are available for instant and free download.

Antares AutoTune With Keygen is designed to adjust the synchronization or intonation errors in instruments and voices without artifacts. Auto-Tune Crack is capable to control the strong tone of original sound while changing intonation. It also gives the password for the Mac administrator account to execute the installation. It also integrates an Options panel where you can display the default buffer in seconds, command control mode, key combinations or much more. The plugin integrates perfectly with any utility that is compatible with the VST or RTAS plugins. It enables you to adjust the sound by using an intuitive driver. It also provides a meticulous or meticulous adjustment which you can zoom in & out of the viewing window to perceive a better overview of the notes or the pitch envelope which they correct easily.

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  • Support multiple input types.
  • Adjust the amplitude.
  • Netlimiter 4 Crack.
  • New formant amounts.
  • High-quality songs.
  • Automatic fixing mode.
  • Support FL Studio.

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The world of music is probably one of the most coveted industries due to the income it generates. The players in this industry, that is, the artists, engineers and the music producers are thus moving with speed to embrace the use of Antares Autotune. Just like any other business, quality is essential to the success of the business. This is where Antares Autotune comes in handy.

Auto Tune 8.1 Password

Publisher’s description

Antares Autotune crack is a pitch correction software for professional production of music. The tool is designed with the understanding that it is not entirely possible to find a singer with a perfect voice or one that does not go off key. However, it is possible to have singers with that perfect voice by simply using Antares autotune.

Antares Autotune an ideal tool for a wide range of music genre. From pop songs to Hip Hop. Amateur musicians will also find the tool ideal as it helps them sing like a pro.

Autotune Antares prides of being the tool behind millions of songs that have hit the billboards in the recent years. More so, the tool has been used by the world- renowned musicians which speak to its trusted quality.

For over 17 years, Antares has continued to improve on its Autotune products. The new product in the market is the Antares Autotune 8. One of its best features is the flex tune and ultra- low latency monitoring. Flex tune feature offers more natural and seamless pitch correction. On the other hand, the low latency monitoring feature offers workflow enhancements during live performances and tracks.

Antares Autotune Full with screenshot

Antares Autotune versions

  • Autotune Evo
  • Autotune 5
  • Autotune 7
  • Autotune light version 6
  • Autotune 8

How autotune works

Foremost, the singer must come up with a tune which they sing as the Autotune software records. As the artist sings, the device can correct the pitch say where the singer sounds out of tune. The device is designed to know the perfect pitch and therefore correct any out of tune pitch automatically. Notably, the software is not only used to correct voice but also solo instruments.

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Auto Tune 8.1 Password For Mac

Once, the tool detects an out of key pitch; the waveform amplitude will vibrate and prompt the user to correct the pitch.

More so, the tool not only works correct pitch problems but also works to correct tuning problems in solo instruments. This is not to mean that the software creates a new tune, rather, it maintains the original performance only correcting its quality.

If using the automatic mode as in Antares Autotune 8, the user is only to select a vocal range, a scale a key and the tool will do the rest. If using the graphical mode, the screen shall display a waveform graphically, and the user can use the different plug-in tools to correct the waveform with precision.

With the retune speed function, the user determines how fast or how slow they would like the pitch correction to be applied to the audio source. In this regard, the faster settings are used for pitch correction in short notes while the slower settings are used in pitch correction for long notes.

Key features of Antares Autotune 9 crack

Auto Tune 8.1 Password Download

  • Flex- tune as in Antares autotune-8
  • Low latency monitoring
  • Seamless pitch correction
  • Real- time pitch correction
  • Easy to use interface
  • Plug- in tools
  • Excellent pitch control
  • Bypass buttons
  • Remove buttons
  • MIDI capabilities
  • Customizable retune speed function
  • Humanize function
  • Time correction tools
  • Available in Native version
  • Supports TDM version
  • Supports Automatic mode and Graphic mode


Easy to use. The tool is designed with an intuitive user interface. For instance, the tool can detect an off. Moreover, users have a choice between the automatic mode and the graphic mode. With the graphic mode, the user may customize the retune speed function by assigning a unique retune speed to an individual note.

Auto Tune 8.1 Password Reset

Saves audio time and editing time significantly. More so by eliminating the endless times of retakes that are typical of the traditional way of music production.

Antares Autotune 9 is available in the native version that supports different formats. Specifically, the Autotune 7 supports VST, AU and RTAS formats.


The tool is not able to fix voice problems.

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