Auto-Tune Pro 9.1 uses computer based Wibu licenses, and not iLok. If you're updating from an earlier version of Auto-Tune Pro that uses iLok, please see this article for important compatibility information.


If you decide to install the update, you'll need to activate your Auto-Tune Pro Wibu license onto your computer.

In order to activate your Auto-Tune software, you need to install the latest version of CodeMeter. Without it, you won’t be able to activate and access your software. Follow the steps below to download and install CodeMeter. Continue to Download Auto-Tune and Antares Central once the installation completes. The KA24E engine is unique in that its hydraulic lifters are installed inside the rocker arm assemblies. If a hydraulic lifter is kept on its side, even when installed in the rocker arm assembly, there is the possibility of air entering it. After removal, always set rocker arm assembly straight up.

Here's how to do that:

1.Download and install the WIBU CodeMeter User Runtime application.

  • In this auto-leveled mode the roll and pitch channels control the angle between the relevant axis and the vertical, achieving leveled flight just by leaving the sticks centered. Maximum banking angle is limited by maxangleinclinationrll and maxangleinclinationpit.
  • Rapper Nessly (who) implanted auto tune into his arm? View this post on Instagram. Rapper @nessly has $250K procedure to get #autotune implanted in arm 😮.
  • Power commander 5 and Auto tune installed. I hit a railroad tie from the side doing around 50 and wrecked a 9 month old Big horn and bent my rear upper A-arm.

2. Download and run the latest Auto-Tune Pro installer.

Auto tune installed in arm video

3. Open Antares Central (located in the Applications/Antares Audio Technologies folder on Mac, and in the Program Files folder on Windows)

4.Login to your Antares account with Antares Central

5.Select “Manage Licenses” and click Next

Auto Tune Installed In Arm

6.Click on your Auto-Tune Pro license to activate it.

7.Open Auto-Tune Pro in your DAW and enjoy!

Auto Tune Installed In Arm Replacement

8.Cubase users only: follow these additional instructions.