1. Auto Tune Software Android App

Auto Tune Singer Voice Changer is a voice enhancer app that offers you cool soundboards! With our new audio recorder 2018, you can disguise your voice, but also create high pitched noises with funny sounds maker. Download our new auto tune voice recorder and have fun making a snake sound prank or a hilarious helium sound. Enter the vocal booth studio and have fun with an auto tune voice recorder! Tap to record. Apply Effects. Add autotune for auto rap. Save recordings from autotune your voice app.

While some people don't hesitate to show their singing talent in public, others prefer to leave it for their bedroom or bathroom. Regardless of which crew you belong to, the apps for automatic voice tuning will help you develop your singing skills and support your voice without hurting anyone's ears. In this article, we explore the best auto tune apps.


Smule is the biggest music app you haven’t heard of! Or, perhaps, you have heard of it. In this case, you know that the app allows to sing songs together with someone who’s far away as well as with top artists from all over the world.

Smule also has pitch correction for real-time tuning. This is what we call auto tune in this article. The program automatically fine-tunes your voice so that it sounded right and smooth.

If you want to get an application for singing that has the whole package of useful features, you should get this one! After all, it has been chosen by millions of people worldwide and really deserves its popularity.

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Voloco: Auto Tune + Harmony

Voloco: Auto Tune + Harmony is an interesting music app that has very broad functionality. It allows you to quickly get the desired effect in online automatic mode. The app lets you record your voice and in real time adjusts its intonation to the selected music, thus making it immediately processed and ready for playback. Speed and convenience will appeal to those who appreciate these characteristics.

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AutoRap by Smule

Are you dreaming of becoming a famous singer or a hip-hop artist who repeats the success of Eminem or Tupac Shakur? Then Smule’s AutoRap application is the right choice! It will assist you to do that.

This time Smule company has pleased us with a novelty – a musical application AutoRap which transforms your speech into a composition in rap style. It can do it due to a replication technology – a musical breakthrough in the mobile industry. Of course, the AutoRap application is also based on AutoTune technology.

After launching the AutoRap application, you must select the appropriate mode: Talk Mode or Rap Mode. The distinction between them is that when you use the former mode, you just effortlessly dictate the lyrics of your future song and the app matches these lyrics with the rhythm; while when you use the latter mode, you need to follow the chosen bit and sing along.

In AutoRap, there is a huge variety of styles and bits. You can encounter tunes of the tracks created by Outkast, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, BOB, Dr.Sc. Dre, Beastie Boys, Ludacris, Tupac, Nicki Minaj, Chamillionaire, Nelly, Rihanna, Kelis, and other world stars of hip-hop music.

The composition you end up with can be saved and/or uploaded to Facebook or any other social media website.

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Rapchat – Rap Music Studio with Auto Vocal Tune

Rapchat is a great app for beginning hip-hop artists and anyone who likes to create and have fun. The app provides you with thousands of beats. The auto vocal tune feature lets you sound like your favorite rappers.

In general, the app is great for creating content. You can record your lyrics in any way you like. If you don’t want to come up with your own texts, you can use the existing ones and try to sing like your heroes. In any case, this is the app you will certainly enjoy! Its interface is beautiful and its functionality is more than impressive. Get it now and check it out yourself.

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You must have already guessed what is the major peculiarity of StarMaker. The purpose of this app is to make you a star. At least a local one. The Auto Tune function will assist you to get the glory. Music will never stop during the recording!

This free app provides you with more than 500 tracks. You may purchase new cantos, sing, record and share your recordings with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. StarMaker is an excellent tool that will make you laugh and have lots of fun!

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The Voice

This program for smartphones called The Voice was created as an addition to the well-known TV show. It allows you to feel like a star on the stage!

After you activate the app, choose a song you would like to perform and go ahead. The app estimates the accuracy of performance. It can automatically customize vox during singing thanks to the embedded Auto-Tune, which makes the performance even more enjoyable. The basic possibilities are the same as those that are included in the karaoke application StarMaker, but here, there are also features that are characteristic of the Voice contest. For instance, while a canto is playing, the app displays judges sitting with their backs turned to the performer (you!) and if you are good at singing, the judges turn their chairs, just like in the show.

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Tune Me

Thanks to Tune Me, all the fans of T-Pain who possess an Android device are able to record their favorite songs by imitating their beloved performer. The pitch correction in the app can transfigure a user’s voice and make it sound like that of T-Pain, Kanye West, Akon, or The Lonely Island. Turn on any background sound from your personal music collection and just sing. You can also easily record rap in any free style.

Train constantly to get the most out of this app! The app permits you to upload and record any track you like and even share your personal creations with others. Besides, you can set your favorite canto as a ringtone.


  1. freestyle mode;
  2. record and load background bits;
  3. possibility to sing along any MP3 melody;
  4. set any song as a call.
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MucDroid will help you to always hit the notes. The program contains a huge variety of options for correcting the tone of your voice. Record tracks and send them to your social networks!

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Auto-Tune Mobile

This professional recording program for correcting vocals can now be downloaded both to your phone and tablet. Using Auto-Tune technology, you can achieve a really clean sound.

While you are singing, the application determines the notes and amends them. You can listen to the saved result after you finish singing.

If you are not an accomplished performer, the application will use a chromatic scale to customize the tonality to the desired range. The app can also work with other music applications.

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This app has reached a new standard of vox correction. Now your presets will sound in a new way. Regardless of your singing skills, you will always hit the notes and the song will sound in a natural way. You may customize the keys, scales, tempos, and more. Record music in any format. Share your records with like-minded people through SoundCloud, Dropbox, or YouTube.

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Voice Synth

This synthesizer has a lot of effects that can be applied to your voice. Voice Synth app can become an indispensable tool for musicians, DJs, and sound designers. You are not always capable of singing in unison? It does not matter – the program has a built-in AutoPitch technology, which can pick the tonality and tune your voice for any composition. Sound design, pitch shifter, arrangement, reverb, distortion, and voice delay – these are just some of the functions this app has. So, download Voice Synth and try the role of a top-class pop artist!

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VocaLive is an indispensable program for iPhone owners who are dealing with vocals. The app can process vox in real time. With it, you can process a recorded vox, add a multitude of effects: reverb, echo, change of key, chorus, frequency control, adding voices, and others.

In VocaLive, you are free to use a lot of high-quality effects while recording vox tracks in real time. At the same time, you can combine and store different combinations for further use. The collection includes 55 built-in presets.

The app also has the feature of emulating up to 20 types of classic and modern studio microphones. Using this feature will give a proper tint to your record.

In addition, there is a built-in audio editor. With its help, recordings can be quickly and professionally edited right on the screen of your device.

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Glee Karaoke

This is an app for those who prefer to sing karaoke. The Glee tool is based on the comedy series by Ryan Murphy which is also called Glee. After installation, you will see the stars of this series on the screen. Later on, they will become your assistants. There are few smash-hits available in the app such as “Rehab”, “Somebody to Love”, “Keep Me Hanging.” Just select a canto and sing! The choir from the series will sing along. If you make a mistake, the choir’s soloists will correct it.

This app is unique in that it corrects your vox, making you always sound excellent.


The app has a recording feature – you can try it and see what you get. You may share your record with others by posting it on Twitter or Facebook. You will be awarded points for each published song. The points can be used for loading new songs. You can create your own Glee club and invite your friends to join you. Smule can deal with the recorded tracks and combine similar performances so that you could listen to songs performed by several voices simultaneously. There is also a competition for the best performance – two winners are selected daily.

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Learn to Sing

Learn to sing is not an auto tune app and it is an auto tune app. Let me explain. The app doesn’t work in the way all the previous apps on this list do. It won’t magically transform your voice so that it sounded more beautiful right away. It will do a subtler job – teach how to sound right without tuning, how to tune your voice yourself.

There are exercises that develop your ability to hit the right notes and recognize intervals, voice warm-up, and more. If you are a vocalist or deal with singing in some other way, this app is a must-have for you. This one is only for Android and the next one is for iOS.

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Vanido: Learn to sing

Vanido is an app that will help you improve your singing skills. The app gives you lots of exercises that are suitable for your tone and level. You can go through daily sessions and then check your progress. If you want to, you can record your pieces of training at the beginning and after some time – to learn how much has changed.

The app is perfect for singers! It can reveal your hidden potential and help you use it to the fullest.

So, this is it for auto tune applications. Enjoy singing and be smart in choosing apps!

If you cannot imagine your life without singing, read about 20 of the Best Karaoke apps for iOS & Android. With these apps, you can freely sing in the shower, a traffic jam or a cheerful company of your friends – wherever your heart desires!

Music has magic in itself. It makes everyone happy from listeners to singers. Are you the one who dreads public performances? Do you love singing when alone or are you a bathroom singer? No matter what, if singing is your passion, you are no more far from making your dreams come true.

It is not a myth, you can use auto-tune apps for Android devices and present your talent confidently. Make your own channel or promote your songs via social media, such singing apps can help you pitch yourself the way you want.

/antares-auto-tune-evo.html. It is although difficult to always hit the height, but do not hesitate to give it a try. Never miss a chance to make your passion work. For this, you can try your hands on these best automatic tune Android applications.

What Is The Use Of Auto-tune Apps?

The auto-tune apps are used by many individuals and even by famous singers on their hit singles and albums. You might be thinking whether using an auto-tune is helpful? But trust us, there is no shame in doing this. It helps in modulating your voice, making your song more enjoyable to your audience.

Auto Tune Software Android

Well, using autotune is beneficial only if you use a moderate amount of auto-tune and you do not overdo it. Do you know you can also use auto tune on your Android devices? Yes, there are many amazing Android apps for auto tuning that can help you going live and let people listen to your music.

Simply type auto-tune apps on Google Play Store, it will suggest you with many related results. Although not all of them are great, some of them are for sure good to try. To save you from the trouble to decide which is best, here we have listed some of the best ones.

Best Auto-Tune Apps For Android

1. Voloco

Voloco is a real-time voice-processing app for your Android device. It has the ability to combine autotune, harmony and vocoding. You just have to pick your favorite from your collection and Voloco will help you in creating your own track.

The app will identify the key of the track and will tune your voice to that particular key. This app is easy to use and is just a download way. Once you install this app, you can start tuning your songs right away.


  • Easily share your recorded performances.
  • Allows exporting vocals to another app for final mixing.
  • Beat library to rap or sing over.
  • 8 vocal effect preset packs.

2. Tune Me

Get access to 500+free beats on Tune Me to record tracks in your voice with Pitch Shift and Auto-Pitch effect. This app is an amazing platform for hip-hop and R&B recording studio. Tune Me helps even a novice singer to record and create high-quality tracks with its highly efficient recording features and editing tools.

Use this app to auto-tune songs from your favorite artists like T-Pain, Kanye West, etc. It allows you to record any background music and sing along any mp3 melody.


  • Faster processing to add effects in the background while recording.
  • Automates syncing to sync vocals with the beats.
  • Allows you to light up if you are singing too loud.

3. MicDroid

Hit the notes using MicDroid. Make use of all available options for pitch correction and reproduce it with some added affects you already hear in music yourself. MicDroid contains a variety of options that will help you to make corrections in the tone of your voice. Increase the numbers of songs by recording tracks in your voice and make sure you share them on your social networks to get a fan following.


  • Automatic pitch-correction
  • Easy pitch correction
  • Email your recordings
  • Set your recordings as ringtone
  • Disable/enable ads in settings

4. Smule

Smule is one of the best apps for autotune in Android as it allows a user to sing and make music alone or along with their friends. Experience Karaoke solo or duet or a group of people across the globe. There is no need to be physically together, you can connect with your friend residing far away to sing along to your favorite track with this best autotune apps.

Use its amazing audio effects and video filters to make the most of your recording. With Smule, you can also sing LIVE for your fans and friends.


  • Free to use app allows you to access millions of songs with music and lyrics.
  • Smule gives you sound like a pro!
  • Use its pitch correction feature for real-time tuning while singing.

5. Starmaker

Starmaker is an auto-tune app trusted by approximately 50M users. It is a simple stream network that offers the biggest global and local song catalog. You can make the most out of your music experience with its ‘take the mic’ feature.

Auto Tune Software Android App

Auto Tune Software Android

Starmaker is an open stage that can show you a way to compete to sing the provided lyrics card and challenging the speed of getting the mic. Starmaker enables you to add a daily task category with exclusive check-in and hidden gems.


  • To search and add friends, check out the unique SID on ME page.
  • Pick from the top hits.
  • Provides personalized songbook based on your favorites.

How You Can Sing Like A Pro?

Auto-tune apps Android can help you record a song with confidence. Show your talent to mass and take part in the competitions ahead. Autotune apps are one of the nicest ways to make you feel comfortable while singing. Additionally, it lets you have more fun and enjoy karaoke.

We have listed here the best apps for auto-tune Android. These apps will surely be enough to help users to become better at Karaoke and can help you forward a step ahead confidently towards your singing goals.

Have you ever tried using auto-tune apps? How do you like using them? What do you most often use them for? Have we failed to mention your favorite auto-tune app for Android? Feel free to share and let us know your views in the comments below!

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