Basically you have to reduce the size of the bootcamp partition, shift it down (copy all the data to another location on the platters) so that the free space is adjacent to the mac partition, and then expand the mac partition onto the free space. Dec 27, 2018  Below, you will look at steps to enlarge the size of your Windows Boot Camp partition on a Mac based hard disk drive or volume. Free Available Solution to Resize BootCamp Partition:- (1) First of all, you need to take the complete data backup of your Windows partition (use a third party tool for image your backup partition) and save it to the desktop computer for. What makes it so easy is that you tell Camptune the size you’d like your partition to be and, provided there’s enough free space on your Mac partition to give up some for Boot Camp, it takes. Mar 28, 2017  Here are the steps to resize the boot camp partition of your Mac drive: (1) First select the Mac drive, the software ask you to create a bootable DVD. (2) The software will create an image of OS X startup disk. How to change boot camp partition size on mac.

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Apr 17, 2020  Select passenger trains should be run to take migrant workers home, former Railway minister and Trinamool Congress’s Rajya Sabha MP Dinesh Trivedi said in an interview to.

Is it just me, or does this sound like an R. Kelly song? A 24-year-old Brooklyn musician named Michael Gregory has combined a number of evening news broadcast clips and turned them into a vaguely acceptable faux R&B series called Auto-Tune the News. The first video featured Newt Gingrich, the NCAA Championships and Joe Biden. But this one? This one has a gorilla.

Auto Tune The News Run N Tell That Lyrics

I'm not really sure why there's a gorilla, but I'm also not really sure that it matters. What does matter is the fact that Katie Couric (a.k.a. 'Shorty') performs a touching solo about the fragility of our planet's ecosystem. Watch out, Bono, there's another socially conscious musician out there, and she wants to save the polar ice cap.

Autotune The News Run N Tell That Song

For those unaware, Auto-Tune is a software program that alters singers' voices to achieve perfect pitch. Used too much — or when they're not actually singing because, y'know, they're on the news — it makes people sound electronic. Cher was the first to use Auto-Tune in her 1998 hit 'Believe,' and since then everyone from Kanye West to Faith Hill has gotten by with a little technical assistance. (Auto-Tune isn't always a way to cheat; Daft Punk turned it into another instrument when they wanted to go all futuristic/animated in their video, 'One More Time')

Autotune the news run n tell that girl

So in addition to making fun of nightly news coverage, Gregory has also shown us how ridiculously easy it is to make someone sound like a C-rated pop star (this also explains the musical 'careers' of Brooke Hogan and Heidi Montag). And although there are only two videos so far in Gregory's series, we hope there will be many more (AutoTune the News #3 feat. T-Pain? Maybe?).

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Autotune The News Run N Tell That Video

Of course, Auto-Tune doesn't work on everyone. Hillary Clinton still sounds like a robot.