1. Auto Tuning Terrestrial Or Digital Tv

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Sister has just moved into a new house with Taylor Wimpey.
She's got a Samsung UE40F6200 Smart LED TV.
She has a standard terrestrial aerial into the TV, length of aerial cable from wall to TV approx 2m.
The only other appliances connected to the TV are a DVD player via HDMI (plugged into HDMI 1 socket) and USB hard disk box (connected to USB socket).
TV initially tuned in ok; however when the DVD is switched on, it seems to 'knock' the tuned channels off - all the channels disappear. So she has to go back through the autotune process each time the DVD is used.
I've tried alternating the HDMI socket for the DVD from HDMI 1 to 2 to 3 and this doesn't fix the issue.
Just autotuned the channels again and it's only brought up 9 channels which makes me think it may be a signal strength issue; however not clear if there is a known problem with this model of TV and/or there's a workaround.


Auto Tuning Terrestrial Or Digital Tv

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    Define channels disappear. Do you mean that when you call up the EPG or a channel list that it is completely empty with noting listed at all or that when you select a channel there is no picture and sound even though the channel name still appears in the list/EPG?
    There is absolutely no reason why using the HDMI should wipe the tuning memory. However using poorly screened HDMI and especially aerial cables can be a problem if the two are in close proximity. There can be interference between the two cables that can affect reception of Freeview.
    The cure is to use good quality cables and keep them separated from each other as much as possible.
    Also if the tuning memory was not wiped (ie the channels were still listed) you should not have retuned until you had eliminated every other possible cause of the problem.
    So first thing I would do is get a good quality well screened aerial cable and try that. Unplug the HDMI lead to avoid any possibility that it is causing interference. See if a retune now restores the channels. If it does DO NOT retune again!
    If the tuning memory is getting wiped then that implies the TV is faulty as it should not be happening.
    Unless of course it's not something silly like the TV is being switched to analogue mode which of course would show no channels.
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    By 'channels disappearing' we mean that the channels that are stored by the TV get wiped ie there are no channels in the EPG.
    We've tried a different TV and exactly the same thing happened - all stored channels get wiped from the EPG the minute the DVD player is switched on and the TV switches from Digital TV mode to HDMI DVD mode.
    Which means it must be one of the following?
    Aerial cable
    HDMI cable
    DVD player
    We're going to test all 3 of these individually/independently by swapping with other aerial/HDMI cables and another DVD player.
    Still odd though that two TV's are having their stored EPG channels completely wiped the minute the DVD player comes on.
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    There is no reason why that should be happening. There is no mechanism I can think of that would explain this.
    It would be very unusual for two TVs to show the exact same fault, though by no means impossible. Though it would be less likely if the two TVs are different makes and models.
    Are you absolutely certain that the TV is switching back to the digital tuner once the DVD is finished with? When switched to HDMI input it is entirely possible that you will get nothing showing in the EPG. Though on my LG telly I get a warning message to say that the EPG/channel list is only available in TV mode.
    Or it is switching back to the analogue tuner for whatever reason. Which again would show nothing.
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    Looks like HDMI cable. When we put DVD on and then back off, programmes stored are wiped.
    However, then taking the HDMI cable from the DVD out of the TV input connection, the channels reappear.
    How odd.
    Will get new HDMI cable and hopefully the problem will be solved.
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    Will get new HDMI cable and hopefully the problem will be solved.
    Either buy it online so that if it turns out not to be the problem you can return it, no questions asked, or get one in Poundland on the basis that it's cheap and you have hardly anything to lose. All those I have bought have been from Poundland and I have had no trouble at all with them.
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    Consider replacing the cheap thin coax fly-lead with a proper hand-made double-screened version; as well as keeping the aerial cable as far from the hdmi cables as you can.
    Cross-interference between the two is not unusual, but down to poor cable screening and/or proximity in 99/100 cases.
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    I have experienced similar once before, the Hdmi cable effecting freeview reception when the aerial and hdmi cords were touching. But in my example, I replaced the aerial cord and that also fixed the problem.
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    Looks like HDMI cable. When we put DVD on and then back off, programmes stored are wiped.
    However, then taking the HDMI cable from the DVD out of the TV input connection, the channels reappear.
    How odd.
    Will get new HDMI cable and hopefully the problem will be solved.
    Changing the cable probably won't make any difference.
    If there are no channels listed when the DVD is on and then they re-appear when the HDMI lead is removed then the channels are not being wiped. otherwise they would not re-appear unless you re-tuned.
    As I posted above the reason is possibly that the TV is simply not switching back to the tuner from the HDMI input.Yanking the HDMI lead out kicks the telly into switching back.
    There is probably a Source or Input button on the TV remote control, might have an icon of a square with an arrow across one edge pointing into the square. I would bet that if you press that a list of possible sources will appear and it says the TV is switched to the HDMI input. I would bet that if you changed it manually back to the tuner that the TV channels will re-appear.
    You could try turning HDMI control off (different manufacturers call it different things) but that probably means having to change input manually all the time depending on what you want to watch.