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Bartender 3 lets you organize your menu bar icons, by hiding them, rearranging them, show hidden items with a click or keyboard shortcut and have icons show when they update.
There are many ways to configure Bartender as you wish.
Give it a go and find out.

Take control of your menu bar icons

With Bartender you can choose which apps stay in the menu bar, are hidden and revealed with a click or a hotkey or are hidden completely. With Show for updates have men bar icons display when you want to see them automatically. These are just some of Bartenders great features, check out some other below.

Hidden menu bar icons

Hidden items can be shown whenever you want, by clicking on the Bartender Icon or via a hot key. With Autohide they will get hidden again when you use another app. By removing normally shown items when displaying your hidden items you gain extra menu bar space.

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Bartender can automatically hide menu bar icons again when you click on another app

Show menu bar icons in the menu bar when they update

Set menu bar icons to show when you want to see them, such as Dropbox when its updating, volume when it changes. Have then display for a period of time when they update. Allowing you to see whats happening, or take important action.


If you want a really clean look and privacy, Bartender and Notification Center can also be hidden.

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Search menu bar icons

You can search the all menu icons, allowing you quick access to a menu icons without looking for it. Simply use the hotkey or control click the Bartender menu icon to activate search and start typing.

Keyboard Navigate your menu bar icons

Mac freeware

Keyboard navigate menu icons; simply use the hotkey to activate then arrow through them and press return to select.

Works with Dark mode

Bartender works great in light or dark mode

Completely rewritten for modern macOS

Bartender 3 has been rewritten for modern macOS. Using the latest technologies and best practices Bartender 3 is more reliable, capable and lays the foundation for future innovations.

Bartender 2 Mac Free Download

Updated UI for modern macOS

The Bartender Bar now displays in the menu bar, making it look like part of macOS.

Bartender 2 Mac Free Cracked

macOS Catalina Ready

Bartender 3 fully supports macOS Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra and Sierra.