The Best DJ Controller for Traktor Pro 2020 Reviews Traktor is a titan in the DJ software industry, and MIDI DJ controllers are also a big deal nowadays. The newest editions in the Traktor Controls range focus on taking DJing to a whole new level. Included Software – This controller includes Traktor Pro 3. This piece of DJ software is fully featured and compatible with the full range of Native Instruments controllers. It’s also compatible with Traktor DJ 2 for iOS. This gives you the best of both worlds. Pro-level desktop software and portable ready iOS software.

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Digital DJ Tips reader Dave writes: “I’ve been a trad DJ for donkeys but for various reasons have decided to go digital, so I’m looking for the best Traktor controller for techno DJing. This where the problems start. I mostly play techno. Being able to scratch would be an added bonus but not essential. My main requirements are using the Traktor software, with the ability of delving into controllerism. The only controller that has caught my attention is the Allen and Heath Xone:DX, as it looks tough as nails, has replaceable components, is relatively easily transported, has a decent sound card, has XLR, booth out and phono inputs.”

  1. Serato DJ VS Traktor Pro 2 - Is Serato DJ the best DJ software? Serato has long been the leader in DVS software and is the main choice for many professional DJs. Some DJs argue that Serato has been knocked off the top spot by Traktor since dropping Serato scratch live.
  2. Traktor Pro 2 manual is all set to remix. With its functions, you can get started in seconds, set the Remix Decks on fire and combine both DJing and live performance. Why Traktor Pro 2? Traktor Pro 2 is loaded with a wealth of software features created for ultimate flexibility and intuitive pro performance.

“My worry is that it has been discontinued and therefore replacement parts may be hard to come by. Also I’m worried about Traktor 2.5 and future Traktor mapping. Also, would it be easy enough adding a Maschine or a Traktor Kontrol F1 or two to spice things up? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, also regarding any other controllers. PS experience tells me I’m fairly heavy-handed on my kit, and I do need to be able to lug it around too.”

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Digital DJ Tips says:

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If finding the best Traktor controller for techno DJing is your mission, I’d say the Xone:DX isn’t an obvious choice. /keylogger-code-dev-c.html. If I were you, especially as it has been discontinued anyway, I’d look elsewhere. I’m assuming you want metal construction, so try the Denon DN-MC6000 or Vestax VCI-400 (also both high quality, but this time made for Traktor, or at least, not intended for Serato as the Xone:DX is). You can add a Kontrol F1 to any Traktor set-up, so no worries there.

However, if you want to scratch with Traktor you have a problem. Only Native Instruments’s own controllers get scratch performance perfect with the software. In my experience, everyone else’s gear ranges from average to very good – but not perfect. If you want to scratch, then, you’re looking at the Traktor Kontrol S2 or Traktor Kontrol S4. Alternatively, you could going down the DVS route where you buy Traktor Scratch Pro and use existing decks, like Technics (for vinyl) or, say, Pioneer CDJ-850s for CDJ DJing. I suspect this isn’t going to be for you as you’re losing all the portability you rightly identify as being one of the major advantages of controllers. /halion-5-vst-free-download.html.

Finally, if it doesn’t have to be Traktor, all Serato controllers I’ve ever tested have perfect scratch response. You could look at the Vestax VCI-380, for example, although you are more limited in the sampling/remixing side of things, as there’s no Kontrol F1/Remix Decks equivalent going on with Serato software.

I hope that gives you some stuff to think about – I’ll throw this over to the readers too!

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So – over to you. What route should Dave go down? What did you choose if you were once in a similar position to him? I’d love you to share your advice with him in the comments.

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