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Auto-Tune then uses a pitch-shifting algorithm to adjust the pitch of the input to the nearest note in a preset or user-definable scale. You can also leave Auto-Tune set to a chromatic scale, but I've found that this rarely works perfectly, especially if the singer uses a lot of bends or vibrato, as you can end up creating trills between two adjacent semitones. Auto-Key is an automatic key and scale detection plug-in, designed to enhance your Auto-Tune workflow and save valuable time in the studio. Choosing the correct key and scale for your music is an essential part of effective pitch correction, and Auto-Key makes this quick and easy. Auto-Tune Pro is the most complete and advanced edition of Auto-Tune. It includes Auto Mode, for real-time correction and effects, Graph Mode, for detailed pitch and time editing, and the Auto-Key plug-in for automatic key and scale detection. Mar 15, 2020  Antares AutoTune Pro 9.1.1 Crack free. download full Version. Antares AutoTune Pro 9.1.1 Crack is a useful plugin for you to detect key and scale automatically. It will send information to over one instance. It automatically detects the key and scales of your music even if you know it already.

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Once the tracks get analyzed you can:
  • Export the results to share with your friends
  • Edit any of the track data
  • Choose whether to save it to our public collection or not
Note: Currently we only support MP3 and WAV files with a 15MB file size limit for each track.
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