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I have just installed the Boot Camp with the latest Windows 10 to my MacBook Pro 13' 2017 macOS 10.14.2. The installation went fine but the Might Mouse and Apple keyboard not working on Windows.

Mac os x boot camp

Mac Boot Camp Switch

The first time I logged in to the Windows, I checked the Device Manager, both mouse and keyboard were installed under the Bluetooth, all the bluetooth devices reported fine, the mouse and keyboard were paired under the Bluetooth configuration but nothing of them worked.

Boot Camp For Mac

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I cannot remove / unpaired them somehow, I try to turn off the Bluetooth but once it is turned off, I cannot turn it back on again.

I then logged on back to macOS, the mouse and keyboard worked fine, I unpaired them from Mac and booted to Windows, paired them on Windows, it worked. I then booted back to the Mac side and paired them, it also worked on Mac but once I booted to Windows, it stopped working again.

Boot Camp On Mac Review 2016

Tried reset SMC, reinstalling both Windows and macOS or tried to manually install the Windows driver from Boot Camp support software did not help (the Broadcom driver was installed but Windows could not start the device, they only work with the Windows default drivers) did not help.

Mac Boot Camp Drivers

Any ideas?

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Bootcamp Mac Review

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