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Function 'clrscr' (works in Turbo C++ compiler only) clears the screen and moves the cursor to the upper left-hand corner of the screen. If you are using the GCC compiler, use system function to execute the clear/cls command.

C programming code for clrscr

Clearing the Screen.; 2 minutes to read; In this article. There are two ways to clear the screen in a console application. The first method is to use the C run-time system function. The system function invokes the cls command provided by the command interpreter to clear the screen. Apr 25, 2012  Baru saja saya membuat program dan menemukan beberapa kesulitan untuk melakukan clrscr di c. Ternyata kita cukup menuliskan system(“cls”); Jadi deh, Selamat mencoba ya. Aug 26, 2017  Please refrain from using clrscr. This is a non-standard function which ships with conio.h which is a part of TURBO C. If you really need to clear your screen, try: code#include #define CLRSCR system(“clear”); inline void foo C. Jan 16, 2009  Is there any method in C programming by which i can clear a part of the screen, i.e the last few lines displayed? Though im not sure it is what you want, and most people will agree that it is not the best way. By Zopyrus in forum C Programming Replies: 8 Last Post:, 10:20 PM. Screen section to clear. By devour89 in forum C.

Dev C++ Programs


int main()
printf('Press any key to clear the screen.n');


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printf('This appears after clearing the screen.n');
printf('Press any key to exit..n');


Clear screen in dev cpp

In the program, we display the message (Press any key to clear the screen) using printf and ask the user to press a key. When the user presses a key screen will be cleared and another message will be printed. Function clrscr doesn't work in Dev C++ compiler. Use the cleardevice function instead of clrscr in graphics mode.

Clear screen in C without using clrscr

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

Clear Screen In C

int main()
printf('Press any key to clear the screenn');

Clear Screen C++ Console

system('clear');// For Windows use system('cls');

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> Tim Mierzejewski wrote:
> > How do I clear the text from my screen, other than a bunch of n's or > > endl's?
> C++ can not clear the screen, as indicated in the FAQ Victor pointed you to.
Huh? C++ can do a lot of things using the OS specific libraries. Dont say C++ cannot clear the screen. Instead, you should say standard C++cannot clear the screen.
That's the only C++ we speak of here.

Thats what I said too.. but dont misguide the OP by saying that C++

do this, or can do that. Guide him to an appropriate newsgroup. I am sure
you understand that.

But in all honesty, C++ cannot clear the screen. It's some OS-
specific library call that does that. Or sequence of characters
output to console or .. But it is not a language thing. And,
by the way, while there exist extensions to the language created
by some eager compiler vendors, there is only one C++ -- Standard.
That's what we mean when we say 'C++ cannot do that'. Another
example: can C++ read files? Yes. Can C++ read JPEG files? Yes.
Can C++ read and display JPEG files? NO. Displaying them is not
a language feature. C++ cannot do that. Not standard, not any
other C++. The same with clearing the screen.
Guiding others to a particular newsgroup is a voluntary thing. If
you stop me in the street and ask whether I could give you a lift
to a town a thousand kilometres away, I'll probably say 'No, sorry,
I cannot do that', but I am not obligated to explain to you all
possible options you have or direct you to a bus station. It is
up to you to figure that out. (Of course it might be mighty kind
of me to point you to a bus stop, and I _probably_ would do that
if I knew where you were going -- The OP just asked whether there
was a way to clear the screen except outputting newline characters,
and there isn't). See the point?