A hard, smoked, highly-seasoned pork, Creole-Acadian sausage originating in communities along the lower Mississippi River. Is used regularly in Creole cooking, but it is popular in French cooking as well. The Creole version of this sausage is much spicier than those made in France. A DICTIONARY OF COOKING TERMS. FOLLOWING A RECIPE will be easy for you if you know the meanings of all the terms used. BAKE: To cook by dry heat, usually in an oven. BARBECUE: To roast meat slowly on a spit or rack over heat - basting frequently with a highly seasoned sauce. BASTE: To spoon liquid or fat over food while cooking.

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1. A room or an area equipped for preparing and cooking food.
2. A style of cooking; cuisine: a restaurant with a fine French kitchen.
3. A staff that prepares, cooks, and serves food.
[Middle English kichene, from Old English cycene, probably from Vulgar Latin *cocīna, from Late Latin coquīna, from feminine of Latin coquīnus, of cooking, from coquus, cook, from coquere, to cook; see pekw- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈkɪtʃɪn) n
a. a room or part of a building equipped for preparing and cooking food
[Old English cycene, ultimately from Late Latin coquīna, from Latin coquere to cook; see kiln]


(ˈkɪtʃ ən)
1. a room or place equipped for cooking or preparing food.
3. the staff or equipment of a kitchen.
4. of or resembling a pidgin language, esp. as used for communication between employers and employees who do not speak the same language.
[before 1000; Middle English kichene, Old English cycene « Latin coquīna, derivative of coqu(ere) to cook compare cuisine]
Noun1.kitchen - a room equipped for preparing meals
dwelling, dwelling house, habitation, home, abode, domicile - housing that someone is living in; 'he built a modest dwelling near the pond'; 'they raise money to provide homes for the homeless'
caboose, cookhouse, ship's galley, galley - the area for food preparation on a ship
galley - the kitchen area for food preparation on an airliner
room - an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; 'the rooms were very small but they had a nice view'


nouncookhouse, galley, kitchenette, sculleryeating a snack in the kitchen

Kitchen equipment

Aga (trademark), bain-marie, baking tray, barbecue or (Austral. slang) barbie, batterie de cuisine, blender, bottle opener, bread knife, cafetiere, cake tin, carving knife, casserole, chip pan, chopping board, chopsticks, coffee grinder, coffeepot, colander, cooker, cooling rack, corkscrew, deep fat fryer, dessertspoon, double saucepan or (U.S. & Canad.) double boiler, egg beater or egg whisk, fan-assisted oven, fish slice, flan tin, food processor, fork, frying pan, grater, gravy boat or sauce boat, griddle or (Scot.) girdle, grill, ice-cream maker, icing bag, jelly bag, juicer or juice extractor, kettle, knife, masher, mould, ladle, lemon squeezer, liquidizer, loaf tin, mandoline, measuring jug, mezzaluna, microwave or microwave oven, mixing bowl, mortar and pestle, nutcracker, olla, oven, pastry cutter, peeler, pepper mill, percolator, poacher, pot, pot-au-feu, ramekin, ricer (U.S. & Canad.), rolling pin, rotisserie, saucepan, scales, sieve, skillet, spatula, spoon, spurtle, steamer, strainer, tablespoon, tagine, tandoor, teapot, teaspoon, tenderizer, timbale, tin-opener, toaster, toasting fork, whisk, wok, wooden spoon


B.CPD [cupboard, knife, equipment] → de cocina; [window] →
kitchen cabinetNarmariom de cocina (Pol) → grupom de asesorespersonalesCABINETkitchen foilNpapelm de aluminio
kitchen gardenNhuertom
kitchen maidNayudantaf de cocina
kitchen paperNtoallitasfplde papel
kitchen rangeNcocinafeconómica
kitchen rollN = kitchen paperkitchen saltNsalf de cocina
kitchen sinkNfregaderom, pilaf
they took everything but the kitchen sinkse llevaron la casaa cuestas
kitchen sink dramaNobraf ultrarrealista
kitchen unitNmódulom de cocina



Italian Cooking Dictionary

a fitted kitchen → une cuisineaménagée
modif [knife, table] →

Cooking Dictionary Download Free

de cuisinekitchen cabinet n
(fig)(POLITICS)(British)prochesconseillersmpl du Premier ministre(US)prochesconseillersmpl du Président



kitchen foil
kitchen garden
kitchen knife
kitchen range
kitchen roll
kitchen scales
kitchen scissors
kitchen sink
nSpülef, → Ausgussm, → Spülsteinm; I’ve packed everything but the kitchen(inf)ich habe den ganzenHausrateingepackt
kitchen-sink drama
kitchen timer
kitchen unit


2.adj (cupboard, equipment) → da cucina


(ˈkitʃin) noun
a room where food is cooked. A smell of burning was coming from the kitchen; (also adjective) a kitchen table. kombuis مَطْبَخ кухня, кухненски cozinha kuchyně die Küche; Küchen- køkken; køkken- κουζίναcocina köök آشپزخانه keittiö cuisineמטבח रसोईघर kuhinja konyha dapur eldhús cucina; da cucina 台所 부엌 virtuvė virtuve dapur keukenkjøkkenkuchnia پخلنځى cozinha bucătărie кухня; кухонныи kuchyňa; kuchynský kuhinja kuhinja kök ห้องครัว mutfak 廚房 кухня باورچی خانہ bếp 厨房
ˌkitcheˈnette (-ˈnet) noun
a small kitchen. kombuisie مَطْبَخ صَغير бокс kitchenette kuchyňka die Kochnische tekøkken κουζινούλα cocina pequeña väike köök آشپزخانه کوچک keittokomero petite cuisine מטבחון छोटा रसोईघर kuhinjica teakonyha dapur kecil eldhúskrókur cucinino 小台所 간이 부엌 virtuvėlė virtuvīte; neliela virtuve dapur kecil keukentje kjøkkenkrok, tekjøkkenkuchenka وړكى پخلنځى kitchinette bu­cătărioară, chicinetă маленькая кухонька kuchynka čajna kuhinja kuhinjica kokvrå, pentry ห้องครัวเล็กๆ küçük mutfak 小廚房 невеличка кухонька چھوٹا باورچی خانہ bếp nhỏ 小厨房


مَطْبَخٌ kuchyně køkkenKücheκουζίναcocina keittiöcuisine kuhinjacucina 台所 주방keukenkjøkkenkuchniaEnglish-tagalog cooking dictionarycozinhaкухня kök ครัวmutfak

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  • Lodgings with kitchen facilities (US)
    Self-catering (UK)

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