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The problem is quite common when starting to learn C/C. The reason is that console applications once finisher return from their main method, the associated console window automatically closes. This behavior has nothing to do with what your app does or not, or if the app is working well or not.

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to read a character, integer and float you use scanf() with the conversion specifications %c, %d and %f, e.g.
  1. char a;
  2. int b;
  3. float c;
  4. scanf ('%c%d%f', &a, &b, &c);
a character is stored inside the computer as a byte (8 bit integer value) and can then be printed using printf() either as a character using %c or as an integer using %d
  1. printf ('%c %dn' , a, a);
do not use getch() it is not standard C/C++ and is only available with some compilers. To stop the command window closing try putting
  1. getchar();
  2. getchar();
at the end of main() - try to figure out why we need two calls to getchar()??
Hello, I have no clue why we need to call two getchars. I did a little bit of java before and never had the cmd closing problem. Even if I do the printf ('hello world'); I can't even see that because it closes. I getting quite anonnyed :-(.
Hey thanks from the help so far I really appreciate it.
  1. #include <stdio.h>
  2. int main (void)
  3. {
  4. // Local Declarations
  5. char a;
  6. int b;
  7. float c;
  8. // Statements
  9. scanf ('%c%d%f', &a, &b, &c);
  10. printf ('%c %dn' , a, a);
  11. return 0;
  12. }// main
Is what I took from you, but I still need to edit and add a few states, but how would you keep the cmd closing with the code above? So I can get idea how this thing works. Is there any way I can make it so that CMD never closes with any code I put in?

Hello guys.

This is my first post on the site and I think I'll like it here very much. :)
I already have the site set as my home page.

So here is my dilemma.

Dev C Closes After Run Images

The program is supposed to do some pretty basic comparisons of two numbers typed in by the user and then display a series of checks to see if it's bigger, smaller or equal than the other number.

Everything runs smoothly but at the end it CMD closes way too fast. I've read that cin.get();/tamil-cooking-videos-free-download.html. would allow the window to remain open until a user presses a key, but it doesn't work as intended.

Dev C Closes After Run Care

Remember I'm very new to C++ so the syntax is very alien to me right now even though I've programmed a lot in C#. Getting used to it, barely. :P

Anyway, here's my code:

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two things you can do from a newbie point of view

Dev C++ Closes After Runners

a) if you're using MS Visual Studio, try the menu option 'Start without Debug' which will leave the screen up after the program finishes until you 'press any key to continue'

Dev C Closes After Run 3

b) another thing you can do is put a system pause right before the return 0, and this will pause the program so you can read your output.