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  1. Dev C++ Debug Step By Step Download
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Dev C++ Debug Step By Step Download

Jul 11, 2017  How to Debug a C Program. The act of debugging helps the programmer to track 'What went wrong logically?' In the program code. Type a C program in Turbo C editor. 3u tools com. Press F8 (Step Over)/F7 (Trace Into). WikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors.

Dev C Debug Step By Step 2

Dev c++ debug step by step 1

Dev C++ Debug Step By Step 3

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How to debug in Dev-c++

You can use the Dev-c++ debugger to help you find errors in your program. In debug mode, you can step through the execution of your program one line at a time. Also, you can stop at any time to see the value of your variables. Here's how:
1) Normally, you can debug your program just by clicking the icon that looks like this:
2) Somtetimes, you see a message that says 'Your project does not have debugging information, do you want to enable debugging and rebuild your project?' If this message continues to appear even after you click 'yes' several times then you can do the following: Click Tools->Compiler Options. Then add '-g' as shown below:

3) To make your program stop at a certain line in your code, add a breakpoint at that line by clicking in the space on the left of your code:

4) Now when you click the debug icon your program will stop at the line you marked as a breakpoint.
5) To step through your code one line at a time, click your cursor on a line in your code where you think you have an error, click 'run to cursor', then use this:

6) At any time, you can see the value of your variables using the 'watch variables' function:
7) After you have selected 'Watch Variables' you can hover your mouse over any variable name in your code. Rest your mouse over the variable name for a few seconds and then you will see the variable and its value appear on the left side under the 'debug' tab: