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I have written a DLL in dev C. The DLL's name is 'DllMain.dll' and it contains two functions: HelloWorld and ShowMe. I compile the code into a DLL and call the two functions from C#. When I call the function 'HelloWorld' it runs well and pops up a messageBox, but when I call the function ShowMe an EntryPointNotFoundException occurs. Nov 16, 2008  Simple C DLL Programming Tutorial using Win32 API (Windows Programming). Using C Language functions for Win32 API such as LoadLibrary, FreeLibrary, MessageBox, DllMain, we can call a Message.

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The strong point of C # is that it is easy to import Dll and Windows API developed in C ++ as well as .Net Framework. /auto-tune-efx-3-lib-file.html.

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The part that provides this functionality is DllImport.

DllImport is available under the following conditions.

It must also be using System.Runtime.InteropServices in Microsoft Visual Studio

A description of DllImport can be found here.


Let’s look at an example.

As you can see from the above, you can use Dllimport to specify the Dll you want to use, and to provide functions that exist inside the Dll through extern. Parameters required for the function can also be defined together at this time.
The following example is similar to the one used to call the INI configuration file provided by Kernel32.dll.

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