[C / C ] Text color in Dev-C – How do change color of text in Dev C


To write text color in Dev-C you can simply use the command system(“color xy”);
Where x is the background color, y is the text color:

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To change the color of current selected line background, follow these steps Eclipse- In Eclipse: go to Windows - preference- General - Editors - Text Editors -Appearance color options -Selection Background Color.

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Dev C Highlight Line Color Page

But on the way back with an error if the entire set different color font color will be there, ie the colored letters that we finally put color. To fix it you have to learn and know the function (library use windows.h) on congdongcviet.com

Dev C Highlight Line Color Sheet

Dev c highlight line color background

After reading also do not understand what, but make it stable, Fixed color of the text as desired.