Oct 30, 2011  Hi all, I have a text file of two columns (energy 1, energy 2). I need to plot E1 against E2. I did this in excel (as I have never programmed) but was told that the I need to do in something like C in order to see the intensities that wasn't apparent in the excel plot. For example, to create a png file called myplot.png from a graph that is displayed by R, type dev.copy(png,'myplot.png') dev.off Remember that when you save plots this way, the plot isn't actually written to the file until you call dev.off. Local Sessions with Windows or OS X.

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Book Plot Graph

Plotting in Ch/C SoftIntegration provides the simplest possible solution for two and three dimensional graphical plottings within the framework of C/C. Graphical plottings in Ch Professional Edition and SoftIntegration C Graphical.


I've created a program which calculates points which belong to a specific graph, such as Archimedes spiral, Logarithmic spiral, Cardioid etc. The program generates an array with coordinates. Technically coordinates are polar, but I can convert them to cartesian by using polar() function.

Auto tune efx price. Question is - how do i draw points if I know their polar OR cartesian coordinates (either one works)? I have Borland 5.02 and Dev C++ (latest release) at the moment.

I can't do this on my Borland compiler because it does not support BGI. I was told OpenGL would work, but it seems like something too big for me to handle. I've installed Dev C++, but it lacked graphics.h library. I installed it separately, according to a guide, but it still does not work.

All in all, I'm stuck. Spent whole yesterday on this, and I haven't made progress.


Any help is appreciated.

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Ancient Dragon5,243

'>Here is one way to do it. You might want to install VC++ 2010 Express or Code::Blocks instead of using Dev-C++.

I have to make a program in c++ for plotting a sine curve.using arrays .in horizontal direction not vertical .
can I have an alogarithm or just a hint how to go on making ..thanks :)

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It depends how sophisticated you want to get. If it is a simple text based console program, you can make an array of strings. Each string contains let's say eighty characters, all spaces but for one asterisk. It will be your genius to place the lonely asterisk at the right position according to y = sin(x). Print out about 50 strings with a new line each, and you have the rudimentary look of a sine function.

Dev C++ Plot Graph Template

Dev C Plot Graph In Excel

All in all a good exercise in arrays.