1. C++ List

A header-only templatized C++ vector and matrix math library.

C++ List

The storage of the vector is handled automatically, being expanded and contracted as needed. Vectors usually occupy more space than static arrays, because more memory is allocated to handle future growth. DaVinci Developer - Design AUTOSAR Software Components. DaVinci Developer is a tool for designing the architecture of software components (SWCs) for AUTOSAR ECUs.

Its basic functionality includes a vector and a matrix class, with additional functionality for the often-used 3d and 4d vectors and 3x3 and 4x4 matrices.More advanced features include solvers, frustum computations and frustum culling classes, and spatial data structures.

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Vmmlib is implemented using C++ templates, making it versatile. Being a header library, it is very easy to integrate into other (your) libraries and programs. There is no need to build and install a library, just include the headers and you’re set. The BSD license allows the usage both in open source and commercial closed source software.

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Platform Support

  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • WIN64 operating systems