Jun 05, 2009  dev-c Won't run any programs at all. Discussion in 'General Programming Support' started by Samael88, May 2. No problem there. But when I press run, nothing happens. When I press compile and run, it compiles but does not run. I have to go to the directory where it puts the output files and run it from there. It just won't run from dev. Aug 25, 2017  How to compile and run Dev C project. I Bought a $3 2TB USB Drive and Got More Than Just Malware - Duration: 11:18. Jays Tech Vault Recommended for you.

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I also have an overloaded constructor as well-is it necessary to put it at the top of the code with the default constructor?

From a syntax perspective, no. The code can go anywhere in the .cpp file. From a style perspective, sometimes its nice to have functions in the .cpp file in the same order as they are declared in the header file. I usually put all my constructors at the top of the .cpp file.
Also do I need to use const with the get functions? I wasn't sure.

It would make sense to make the function const (
int getX() const;). This will allow you to get the value out of a const Point object if you need to because the get function does not modify the object.Compile
Do I need to call checkRange for the read function? I feel like the function isn't doing anything if I never call it. But if I called it should I use an if statement?

The checkRange function is supposed to return a value. Use it. BTW, line 49 is messed up. You only need to check if val < 0.
So apparently I need to call the checkRange function before each set/get.

Why would you need to call checkRange before a get?
Your earlier question was about the read function. Do you think that is a set function? I think it is.
You want to call checkRange any time you are about to set an X or Y value because you want to make sure your data is always valid. Once it's valid, you can be sure that your writes and gets give you valid output.
Or do I need to call the function using point because it's in the class?

There is no point. You could use this-> if you wanted to, but I don't think you've learned about that yet. So, no, you can just use x

Won't Contraction

like you have. But I would suggest you replace lines 3 - 5 with simply x = checkRange(xVal);

Dev C++ Compiler Online

Dev C++ Won T Compile File

when i try to compile my stuff, it just says the system cannot find the file specified. Also heres the code for more details:
and also when i open Dev-C++, it shows a window, heres a screenie:
and BTW i also am trying to learn to make psp homebrew, while learning regular C (coz i need to) so i use CYGWIN to compile my EBOOT.PBPs and i have pspsdk set on it, so im forced to use Dev-C++
P.S. the code is from a tutorial i am using on this site. You probably know that, but just to make sure.