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Do You Use Auto Tune For Digital Or Analog Radio

Anyone have any bright ideas for a digital tuner that's not working? We've just had 'switchover'so never used the digital tuner before but the tv is out of warranty and won't pick up the digital signal. I've tested the aerial and cable on another tv and it works fine so it's a tv problem. It's a Sony Bravia KDL - lovely telly but not much use at the mo.


Do You Use Auto Tune For Digital Or Analog Tv

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    Have you done a full reset to factory settings on the TV and then gone through the Digital Tuning process?
    We have a KDL32EX723 in the bedroom which is a stunning set, and not had any issues, but we were already digital when we bought it. However our Panasonic Plasma which we had used on analogue had to be reset on DSO to get it to do a proper full scan.
    The only other issue I have with the Sony is that it seems very prone to HDMI interference on its tuner, and if I use the 'wrong' cable for my WD TV Live box, it kills two multiplexes dead. So do a retune with no HDMI devices plugged in and see if that helps too.
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    On our 2 Sonys, the tuning features for analogue and digital (freeview) are in different places on the menu. Autotuning refers to just analogue - so this wont find any channels now that analogue signals have been switched off. You need to find the Digital Auto Tuning option. Btw, if you have never used the tv in its digital tuner mode before, then it might be easier if you switch to it first by pressing the 'Digital' button on the remote control.
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    Cheers - think the restoring of factory defaults would be good but all the codes I've tried so far don't work. Any Sony codebreakers out there?
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    Cheers - think the restoring of factory defaults would be good but all the codes I've tried so far don't work. Any Sony codebreakers out there?

    Where do you live ?
    What transmitter do you use ?
    What is the full model code for your TV ?
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    North Yorkshire, Bilsdon I think - whatever it is I can get everything working on a smaller telly, it's just the KDL 26L 40xx that won't play. One of the codes started with pressing info followed by 5 on the remote which seemed to get somewhere (switched it on from standby) but the subsequent use of vol+, analog, centre and so on had no further effect.
    Thanks Mark!
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    I have KDL 37EX6723 and have no problems setting Digital channels. I presume you have external aerial.
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    The telly I tested the connection with is another Bravia - resetting to default is it's only hope I think?
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    Found this but never had to use it on my Sony --- just go into 'Home' 'digital set up' and 'scan' - never had an issue.
    Quote :'First power off your Sony television using remote, then Press Display + 5 + Vol Up + Power button simultaneously on remote'
    Best of luck.
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