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A cross-platform python based utility to download courses from for personal offline use.


  • Resume capability for a course video.
  • Download subtitle for a lecture.
  • Download all courses without any prompt (option: -a / --all).
  • List down course contents and video resolution, suggest the best resolution (option: -i / --info).
  • Download lecture(s) requested resolution (option: -q / --quality).
  • Download course to user requested path (option: -o / --output).
  • Authentication using cookies (option: -c / --cookies).

Extracting Cookies

  • Login to your account via browser.
  • Once you are logged in right click on page the search for option called Inspect Element and click on that.
  • Under that look for Network Tab and click on that. Under that Network Tab click on Requests type XHR .
  • Now click on Browse Courses in the navbar and refresh the page you will see some requests under Network Tab.
  • Right click on any of the Requests which links to Simply copy Request Headers and save to text file.
  • Done run the acloud-dl against that text file it will start downloading the course.


  • Python (2 or 3)
  • Python pip
  • Python module requests
  • Python module colorama
  • Python module unidecode
  • Python module six
  • Python module requests[security] or pyOpenSSL

Module Installation

Tested on

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  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Kali linux (2017.2)
  • Ubuntu-LTS (64-bit) (tested with super user)
  • Mac OSX 10.9.5 (tested with super user)

Download acloud-dl

You can download the latest version of acloud-dl by cloning the GitHub repository.

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Steps before running which will list down courses you started

  • Login to your account via browser.
  • Click on Browse Courses.
  • Move mouse to the course you want to download.
  • On mouseover you will see a button 'GET' click on that.
  • It Will redirect to the course there is another button 'START THIS COURSE' click on that.
  • Done, Now you can use the below usage.

Download a course

Download all courses

Download course with specific resolution/fruity-parametric-eq-2-vst-download.html.

Download course to a specific location

Download course with specific resolution to a specific location

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List down course information

Advanced Usage