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Cooking should be all about testing out tasty new recipes and exotic new dishes – so here’s one that you might not have had before! Manman Beef Recipe is an interactive online cooking game for kids where you have to follow instructions to create a delicious Masaman Beef Curry meal (while the name of the game is Manman Beef Recipe, the actual cuisine is spelled Masaman). Masaman curry is an authentic Thai food dish that is served piping hot. It’s a lot like a stew, but with a cool South-east Asian kick to it!

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Cooking Games For Free

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Cooking Games Download For Laptop

Test your culinary skills, and see how fast you can whip up this delicious feast. Add meat, vegetables, spices and sauce into the mix – and make sure you blend all of the ingredients just right! Once you follow the online instructions, you can’t go wrong – pretty soon you’ll have a mouth-watering virtual meal that you can show off to your tongue-wagging friends and family. This game is a good exercise for any budding young chefs out there, or any kids who enjoy trying fun and exotic new recipes. If you get a parent or guardian to help you, you could even try out the recipe for real! Are you ready to master some authentic Asian cuisine? Ok, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get stirring!

How to Play: The controls are entirely point-and-click based, so use your computer mouse or touchpad to work the various ingredients and cooking utensils. The special Hand Pointer indicates the next ingredient or action you have to perform. If the Pointer is directed at something, Left Click on it to progress to the next step of the recipe. You have to turn on the pan and start frying the initial ingredients – these include Oil, Masaman Curry Paste, and Coconut Milk. After you have emptied the ingredients into the pan, click on the stirring utensil to mix the ingredients around. These steps are repeated with further ingredients, like the Beef, Vegetables and Spices that you have to add as the recipe progresses. You see the ingredients coming together to form a really appetizing dish. Once you have completed all of the steps, your dish is ‘Ready to Serve’, and you can show it off to your impressed family and friends.

Cooking Games Free Download For Laptop

If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 on your PC / MAC, try playing on Chrome or Firefox browser.