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Request Lethal Bass for Serum. Archived Request Lethal Bass for Serum. Free Future Bass Mega Pack. What About: Free Future Bass Mega Pack is a huge freebie loaded with 385 of the hottest Future Bass / Future Pop sounds. We teamed with a producer called Derrek created a an ultimate compilation of soundset for all EDM / Trap / Pop / Deep freaks out there! May 19, 2018  Drum And Bass Lead Serum Preset Free Download I'm DixonBeats I am a music producer of all sorts of genre's.

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Cool, we'll get six months of preset Dubstep now.

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@zeneth-sc: omg yes


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@zeldubz1: aevi too

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Too Vain ? =)

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@tate-hyplexium-jordan: I have tinnitus xd

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How to attain tinnitus and hearing loss

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This is amazing!

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these are sick

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Nice work bro

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@zeneth-sc: good job!

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Dance & EDM

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this is some serious shit broooooo

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Nice work! :)


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Comment by DJ Nicolas Lino

if u enjoy house, come check out some of my tracks!

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@w-a-production: hahaha was just being facetious. thanks dude

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@billyrath: Hi there, always pleasure to communicate with people such as you. You can find the full download link here - as written in the description: http://pumpyoursound.com/fangate/detail/5347-free-bass-house-serum-presets-2

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yo wheres the full version you cunt

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this is sick!

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lol what is even the point of producing anymore..

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8dio solo violin vst download. Nice preset!

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More of these please <3

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dope presets

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Seductive :)

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Elevated Bass For Serum free. download full

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Niice! :)

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Great Packs

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very good

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