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Expected Primary Expression Before Char Dev C++

May 15, 2015  i have following code in translator.h file class dictionary public: dictionary(const char dictfilename); void translate(cha. How to write a simple program in dev c++.


Hi boys, I am working for a job interview and I was writing a nice piece of cod in c++, partially copied and pasted.

This is supposed to work but now i am obliged to use dev-c++ last version for windows, usually I just use gcc on linux and I at the compilation I receive: expected primary-expresion before 'struct'.

Expected Primary Expression Before Char Dev C 4

I write the first part of the code till one line after the error, I really need to have this running, I suspect it is a problem with the compiler, please help.

Thanks in advance,

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Expected Primary Expression Before Int


Cpp Expected Primary Expression Before

You probably compiled it as C++, where new is a reserved word.