The Essential Flux Technology For The Project Studio! Flux $179.00 $159.00: Evo Channel. The Ultimate Channel Strip Redefined Flux $149.00 $135.00: BitterSweet Pro. Output Movement Free download Output Movement vst is a new and latest version of the plugin which you can download from our given file hosing link. So, as we know that is the most powerful vst FX plugin. Also, it is a Built equally tool. Finally, you can call this rhythm-based effect plugin. Download Link: Read more. The Ultimate Channel Strip Redefined with Gain/Drive, Phase, Compressor, EQ, DeEsser, Expander and a Transient/Sustain designer all with a hands-on interface for a fast workflow to provide everything you need to stay in control of your sound!


Waves – 11 Complete (STANDALONE, VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX) WiN x64 1,760 views; ReFX Nexus 2 Pack VSTi, Presets, Expansions and Skins 1,440 views; Spectrasonics – Omnisphere 2 POWER SYNTH Version 2 Build 2.0.3d For All OS ×32 bit and ×64 1,360 views. The BitterSweet Transient Designer. BitterSweet v3 is Flux:: acclaimed transient processor used by hundreds of thousands of users for audio transient management with the simple turn of a knob – Turning it to the Sweet side reduces the transients, and turning it to the Bitter side magnifies the transients – No dongle or registration required – 100% Freeware!

The Flux:: Full Pack 2.1 v3 plug-in bundle gives you an array of EQ and dynamics processing plug-ins that provide pro-quality results. The Full Pack includes Alchemist v3, Epure v3, Solera v3, Syrah v3, Elixir v3, Pure Compressor v3, Pure DCompressor v3, Pure Expander v3, DExpander v3, and Pure Limiter v3. You get up to eight channels of processing with all the clarity and resolution your projects demand. While these plug-ins provide enough features and depth to satisfy any professional, they’re also incredibly easy to use and control. Make mixes and mastering projects sound their best with the Flux:: Full Pack!

Flux Vst Plugin

Flux:: Full Pack 2.1 v3 Plug-in Bundle at a Glance:

  • Alchemist v3 delivers powerful mastering dynamics control
  • Enhance your tracks and your workflow with Epure v3
  • Get comprehensive dynamic control with Solera v3
  • Syrah v3 provides simplified dynamics control
  • Elixir v3 for natural-sounding limiting
  • Pure Compressor v3 and Pure DCompressor v3 put you in command
  • Pure Expander v3 and Pure DExpander v3 clean up the noise
  • Pure Limiter v3 provides transparent dynamic control

Alchemist v3 delivers powerful mastering dynamics controlWhat is feedback in 3utools.

Designed with mastering in mind, Flux:: Alchemist v3 gives you everything you need to transform a mix from drab to fab. Able to operate as a single broadband processor or as a multiband processor, Alchemist v3 will help you resolve dynamics issues that would confound most other plug-ins. Each of Alchemist v3’s five bands include a compressor, expander, de-compressor, and de-expander, all working in parallel. The real magic; however, lies in Alchemist v3’s ability to use the dynamic range content of your material rather than its level like other processors. Translation – Alchemist v3 will turn your mixes into gold!

Enhance your tracks and your workflow with Epure v3

The Flux:: Epure v3 EQ plug-in arms your studio with stunning EQ power. Built around an algorithm that delivers superior audio quality, Epure v3 is a powerful equalizer for your day-to-day session work, and has the fortitude to go the extra mile when you have complex processing tasks such as separate processing of mono and stereo components. Epure v3 sports five bands, each delivering 24dB of boost/cut and covering the complete frequency range. You can even process multiple tiers from within one single plug-in instance. Need a powerful go-to EQ? Get Flux:: Epure v3.

Get comprehensive dynamic control with Solera v3

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Flux:: Solera v3 delivers compression that preserves the sonic integrity of your track, without artifacts. It adds loudness while protecting quick transients and natural airiness. It even lets you recover lost dynamics. Solera combines the power of a compressor, expander, de-compressor, and de-expander – and a well-designed user interface that facilitates parallel processing. Clipper, a discrete peak limiter, is positioned at the end of the processing chain, to round off your peaks smoothly and musically. Solera v3 gives you up to eight channels of simultaneous processing for multichannel/surround operations.

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Syrah v3 provides simplified dynamics control

Powered by Flux::’s unique BitterSweet technology, as well as their adaptive-dynamics engine, the Syrah v3 dynamics processor plug-in provides you with a creative and musical solution for recording, mixing, and mastering. We get our hands on all kinds of dynamic processing plug-ins here at Sweetwater, and the simplified control set Flux:: Syrah offers is refreshing. Thanks to its real-time dynamic detection and level-dependent processing, Syrah adapts to the music and to the beat of your material. And with capabilities such as A/B comparison and preset morphing, you’ll be amazed by the results you can get with Flux:: Syrah.

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Elixir v3 for natural-sounding limiting

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Flux:: Elixir v3 is a unique program limiter plug-in that accomplishes its task while leaving your program material sounding completely natural. Perfect for broadcast, post production, and mastering, Elixer v3 delivers True Peak output level that conforms to international standards. For multichannel/surround use, Elixer furnishes up to eight concurrent processing channels. Elixir’s user-friendly interface makes it amazingly easy to achieve great results, even under tight deadlines. Just set your input level, adjust the threshold to dial in the amount of limiting you want, and finally set your make up gain. With Flux:: Elixir, limiting couldn’t be easier!

Pure Compressor v3 and Pure DCompressor v3 put you in command

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Whether you seek subtle control over a track or want that over-the-top pumping effect (or anything in-between), the Pure Compressor v3 plug-in is made for the job. Like other plug-ins in the bundle, the Pure Compressor v3 includes an A/B morphing function that lets you slide between settings to find that perfect spot. You get a huge array of modes to choose from. Like its name implies th Pure DCompressor restores the natural dynamics of a track. Working with these two plug-ins lets you get the best sound possible out of your mixes while remaining in complete control.

Pure Expander v3 and Pure DExpander v3 clean up the noise

Using Flux::’s exclusive “Angel’s Share” algorithm, the Pure Expander v3 lets you remove unwanted reverberation and noise from tracks without adding any artificial character. You can go from subtle expansion to a hard noise gate with this effective plug-in. Conversely, the Pure DExpander v3 allows you to enhance low sound levels while keeping your sound very organic. It includes external sidechain inputs and dynamic detection algorithms.

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Pure Limiter v3 provides transparent dynamic control

Flux:: designed the Pure Limiter v3 plug-in to give you the most transparent dynamic limiting they can provide. The natural sound is a result of the unique release envelope, which assures you that no processing artifacts will be produced. Recording engineers at Sweetwater recommend setting this plug-in as the very last processor in your signal chain to maintain complete control over your dynamics. And with its large, precise input and output meters, you’ll know exactly where your levels will be when you finish your project with the Flux:: Pure Limiter v3 plug-in.

Flux:: Full Pack 2.1 v3 Plug-in Bundle Features:

  • 8 channels of processing provide ample clarity and resolution for your projects
  • EQ and dynamics plug-ins deliver pro-level sound
  • Morphing Slider for seamless transition between two full parameter sets
  • Intuitive interfaces allow for a fast and efficient workflow

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