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Does anyone have an index of Apples hosts that their OSs contact? Gsa.apple.com yet another itunes host. Configuration.apple.com a very very old host. Its exact purpose is unknown but its said that people who have sniffed its contents ended up moving to linux. Sounds like you really need a copy of Little Snitch to monitor all.

I have a new installation of ESXi, I can ping the host and you connect to the 'webside' to download the VIC.

When I try to connect to the server through the VIC I get the message: connection error; VMware Infrastructure Client could not establish a connection with the server 'x.x.x.x'. Details: You do not have permission to connect to the server 'x.x.x.x'.

Anyone know why?

The host ESXi and CIV should be in the same Networksegment?

If you would like more information just let me know.

Thank you very much for your help!

Gsa.apple.com Little Snitch Meme


This means that you have active locking mode. If you have active locking mode you will not be able to connect to the VI client. You must Access the DCUI (the initial screen you get to set up the network of root and password information) and remove the checkbox disable locking mode.

Then connect the VI client to the EESX, this time it will work.

-kooltechies (Samir)

PS: Pls grant points if the answer is useful/correct

Gsa.apple.com little snitch lyrics

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Gsa.apple.com little snitch meme
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    I then tried to access App Store from my iPhone and iPad and had no problem connecting.

    What the * beep * is the problem, I can't understand why I would be able to connect from my mobile, but not my desktop.

    The only thing that seems logical is there another server (address) for iOS and OS X to connect to and it is online and working while the other is to have certain types of questions and/or is currently offline.

    Does anyone have any ideas or patches?

    They are two different application for one stores. Mac, you connect on the Mac App Store. Since iOS devices, connect you to the iTunes App Store.

    Firewall, antiviral software and applications such as Little Snitch can interfere with the Mac App Store.

    By the end of 2012 mini Mac, OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.  Watch, 38 mm silver AL, Watch OS 2.2.1. iPad 2 Air & iPhone 6 + iOS 9.3.3;  Apple Airport Express

  • I have 10 Windows on my pc. I have the most updated iTunes and iCloud updates as well. Since the last update, I am unable to connect to all apple from my desktop computer accounts. I can connect without problems on my iphone and ipad and icloud online. When I try to connect through to program desktop itunes or the icloud for windows program, I get a pop up window that says 'check failed' - 'There was an error connecting to the Apple Server ID.' I tried to restart my computer, uninstall and re - install the two programs, I tried to change my apple id password. Nothing seems to work. Help, please! Thank you!

    Hi jwebb88,

    Welcome to Apple Support communities.

    From what I understand, you see a warning message when you try to access the sign in the iTunes Store or access to configure your iCloud for Windows. Try to take a look at the article below the link that provides a lot of information and troubleshooting tips that will help solve connection problems to the Apple servers.

    See you soon.

  • I started getting errors connecting to my Apple account on iTunes/App Store / iBooks etc., I noticed today.

    In an attempt to connect, it would return the message 'There was an error connecting to server Apple ID'

    This debugging with Wireshark, I noticed that iTunes has been disconnected as soon as he saw the server SSL certificate.

    I opened the url field that he was using (https://gsa.apple.com) in Safari to see if reported certificate issues, and he confirmed that the intermediate certificate, although valid, could not be verified on LCR this is because he believes http://crl.apple.com/root.crl is unreliable CRL.

    Other computers, OSX, I checked are used the same certificate and validate the certificate successfully.

    I tried to set the certificate to always trust, but it has no effect.

    I changed Keychain Access-> Preferences-> Certificates-> certificate revocation list (CRL) of 'Best tent', which seems to fix the problem, but I'm not keen on this change, because it could weaken the security of my computer compared to 'demand if the certificate shows.'

    Is it possible to restore the confidence of OSX CRL for this problem?

    In fact, I found just Keychain Access from another computer-> Preferences-> Certificates-> CRL (CRL) list is set to 'Best tent', and causes 'Require if the certificate shows' the same question, so I guess it's a problem with the server Apple ID certificates themselves.

    I think I put the CRL settings to 'Demand if the certificate indicates' some time to try to improve security. At one point, until recently, the https://gsa.apple.com worked with these settings so perhaps they changed the intermediate certificate, which presents the problem of CRL unreliable. It is http://crl.apple.com/root.crl and not https seems suspicious and could be the source of the problem untrustedness.

  • check failed. There was an error connecting to server Apple ID.

    What do you do when you receive this alert?

  • Just upgraded to 10.11.4. Get this error when trying to login to icloud

    Verification failed

    There was an error connecting to server Apple ID.

    I can sign in here with my id, I can sign in icloud via my web browser to my id.

    What I can't do is connect from my imac (model 2015)

    Where should I go form here?

    I have exactly the same problem and I can check that if I create a new user on my MBP (current model of 15 '), I am able to use my Icloud account once again, but not under my main user. Thus, each suggestion found in the forums here:

    • Step 2 review the deactivation
    • Config of Flushing DNS or try another DNS server
    • Uninstalling an Antivirus snake oil product, I do not use

    did not help at all. But there must be something with my user account, the system itself seems to be fine as a new user account works with the same icloud account.

    This can happen now reasons:

    • I went to use the family option one or two months previously - unplausible that this has something to do with it

    Console output for two seconds after clicking on login to icloud prefs: line 2 + y has at least 20 times with different Classes but the same error:

    02.04.16 10:14:57, 409 akd [311]: NSURLSession/NSURLConnection HTTP load failed (kCFStreamErrorDomainSSL,-9807)

    02.04.16 10:14:58, com.apple.preferences.icloud.remoteservice [984 947]: CGContextSetCompositeOperation: context invalid 0x0. If you want to see the trail, please set CG_CONTEXT_SHOW_BACKTRACE environment variable.

    02.04.16 10:14:58, com.apple.preferences.icloud.remoteservice [984 947]: CGContextClipToRect: context invalid 0x0. If you want to see the trail, please set CG_CONTEXT_SHOW_BACKTRACE environment variable.

    02.04.16 10:14:58, com.apple.preferences.icloud.remoteservice [984 947]: it has no sense to draw an image when [NSGraphicsContext currentContext] is zero. It is a programming error. Break on Sub _NSWarnForDrawingImageWithNoCurrentContext() to debug. This will be recorded only once. This may change in the future.

    Next steps for me will be

    • hoping someone here has an idea, so I don't have to wast hours for this
    • try to restore a backup time new machine to a new user account (would be less work) - but this option I think that will lead to problems again. I'll let you know if it is a possible way to solve the problem.
    • From a user account from scratch and selectively import settings - there is no alternative option that takes time. Usually, this is not necessary and one of the reasons why I use a mac - only not to reinstall Windows every 3 months..
  • I can not connect to App Store, iTunes, iBooks or iCloud on my MacBook Pro running El Capitan.

    Each of them returns the following error.

    Error connecting to server Apple ID

    All other threads that this problem seems to be related to Kaspersky. I'm running Kaspersky.

    I have no problem with it on my other connection of devices to services that use the Apple ID server

    Problem persists, once restarted, on different networks.

     > Preferences system.. > iCloud

    disconnect from iCloud, reconnect

    If this does not work

    you run any AV? Keeper? Clean my Mac? Little Snitch? etc?

    If so remove it from your system.

  • I can't disconnect from my Iphone 5 icloud, whenever I have it try saying verification failed, there was an error connecting to icloud.

    Incorrect password error.

  • Original title: Cannot connect to Windows Marketplace

    When I try to connect, I get the following message:

    Error connecting to the service.

    There was a problem connecting to the Games for Windows - LIVE service. Click Retry to try connecting, or click on troubleshoot to attempt to diagnose and fix the problem.

    If you continue to have problems to connect, you may need to contact your ISP for assistance.

    I am able to use all internet services.

    Hi Torrey,

    I suggest posting your question in the games for Windows Live Marketplace forum located here:
  • I try to turn on my LJ 1606dn ePrint. I downloaded and installed the firmware and that is okay. I went to the Web Services tab to get the code to register the printer. When I click on 'Activate' in the ePrint section, I get the error, 'connection error. Check the internet connection. 'My connection network and internet are working properly. Am I missing something? I need to open a port on my router? Is there a special song, I need reciting under the full moon while sacrificing a live chicken?

    Thank you



    If you have an IP address manually, assigned to the printer:

    1. Enter IP address of the printer in the Web browser address bar and press ENTER.
    2. Go to the network tab and the IPv4 Configuration of the page.
    3. In the DNS server settings, the entry in your domain DNS servers or put IP of the router Address in the preferred DNS server and or in the section auxiliary DNS server and apply the changes.
  • In device MX300 G2 TC 7.1.4 I get error in GUI and 'Touch Panel requires IPV4' next in the display.

    What is the cause, solution and troubleshooting.

    ERROR: Connection of the touch panel

    How this would help solve the problem.

    And the problem was solved after replacing the cable cat5 between Panel codec and touch.

  • Hello

    I have a BB 8100, Desktop manager 4.6.

    The synchronization work properly 3-4 weeks ago.

    Today, when I tried to sync, I got this error message:

    0 x 80040fb3

    I tried debug it using the procedure of changing family name, first name, etc.. without success

    I tried several times to synchronize again but without success.

    First off, he definitely didn't need it; and second off, it sounded like absolute shit. Emma watson beauty and the beast auto tunes.

    Now, the situation is even worse!

    New message when I connect my BB to my computer. When I run the Desktop Manager, I have the following error:

    'Error connecting to the Terminal. Make sure that your device is connected properly, and then try again.

    I can't not try to synchronize!

    It is very strange, it's never happened before.

    However, Desktop Manager recognize my BB, I can read on the button to the left of the screen: Terminal connected (Pin code) recognized xxxxxx.


    Thank you

    You know what?

    I just read another post suggested.

    They simply offered to take off from the Blackberry battery and put it again.

    Then I tried to sync and IT WORKED! I can't believe! I tried a lot of complicated stuff!

    1 month for this problem! (with this simple solution!)

    Hope that now, everything will be ok!


  • HII..
    I was installing r12 on my machine of oel4.
    The installation is completed with error in.
    (1) availability of data base: RW-50011: error:-connection Apps ORACLE_HOME test returned an error
    (2) login page:
    (3) configuration Upload
    (4) JSP
    Unfortunately, I run the rapidwiz as long as user root.. will that be a problem. ??? the stage12i is also under different OS users owners with permission set as 777.
    Please suggest any help.
    Thank you.

    /U01/Oracle/prod/inst/apps/PROD_msftrac2/logs/ora/10.1.3/opmn/opmn.log (permission denied)

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    Seems like user of the application you want to start to do not has permission on above dir.. It should start with the user of the application used when installing.. If you use only and then also get the error even then for trial give 777 privs on all the dir apps and see if you are able to move forward.

    Thank you

  • Hi all! It's my first time using JDBC, and I followed some examples online to establish a test to my internal DB SQL Server Express connection. Here's the Basic code that I use (with security identification information redacted, of course):
    I get this error after 20 seconds: 'network error IOException: Connection timed out: connect. I understand this is usually caused by a bad port, username or password, but I can connect using the exact same credentials via SQL Management Studio Express. I tried to insert port number: 1433 after the name of the server and the name of the comic, but no joy. Can someone tell me what is the 'official' syntax, or how I would go about solving this problem? Thanks in advance.

    I get this error after 20 seconds: 'network error IOException: Connection timed out: connect. I understand that this is usually caused by a bad port, user name or password.

    Fairly certain that most of the last part of this is incorrect since your instance information.

    If you connect to a server using what anyone, even remotely, as a true lan so if the server is not listening you will get an immediate connection error - saying something to the topic 'connection refused.' And if your creds user do not match you will get a different error.

    A timeout after 20 seconds means that the network request is not being served at all, by the other other end.

    And that suggests a firewall problem.

    A simple test is the following
    -Log in as the same user that the application is running as. If you are working on the app, it's you. Is there a sort of JEE or service/cron, then it is very likely that you.
    -Open a console window.
    -Use telnet to connect using EXACTLY the same hostname and port that you expect. An example

    Telnet 1433 WINSERVER

    If telnet is successful it will give you a white screen (or something similar). Failure will give an error.

    The above process verifies that your box and the credentials of the user of the process (no connection) can successfully access the db box. Until it works your java code is not.

    Common default for SQL Server ports 1433 and 1434. It can be configured to use anything else.

  • Hi all

    I do a few patches manually on ESX 4.0 host. I forgot to get into maintenance mode, tried to patch and had an error on entering maintenance mode. So I tried to get into the mode of maintenance with the following command:

    vimsh - n hostsvc/e/maintenance_mode_enter

    I get these messages:

    Current working directory: / root

    vmaCore: initSSL: make versionCheck = true

    handshake Timeout = 20000000

    Unable to connect: 514 error to connect to the instance of the service host-vmds

    Not connected

    Not connected

    Someone has ideas of what happens and how to solve?

    Thank you.

    Take a look at reboot on an ESX or ESXi Server management agents and VMware: hanging out on an ESX Server maintenance mode (9639912)

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Gsa.apple.com Little Snitch Book

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