I'm afraid you don't know what a Game Engine is. Here is a wikipedia page:
You're referring to visual development tools. A Game Engine doesn't have to provide those.
Before you start any 3D Game Development however, I'd highly recommend you to learn SFML and/or SDL to get yourself familiar with game development. Something cool to try after you get the hang of it would be developing your own, small 2D Game Engine, and try to develop several 2D Games with it with minimal changes to the engine.
After that, decide whether to learn OpenGL or DirectX. I wont get into the pros and cons here, as they have been discussed in a different thread.
Eventually you should learn both IMO.
I personally love writing Game Engines and such, and I'd highly recommend you to do so as well. IMHO it's much more fun knowing that your game is running on your own Game Engine built from the ground up.
How To Make A 3d Game In Dev C++

Plus, he's put a wealth of top-notch (and free) tools on the CD-ROM, including the Dev-C compiler, linker, and debugger-and his own LlamaWorks2D game engine. Step-by-step instructions and ample illustrations take you through game program structure, integrating sound and music into games, floating-point math, C arrays, and much more. Indie game making and 3D video game design with indie game development software and tools. Create amazing 3D games, get inspired, and chat with the community. It’s never been easier to get into indie game development.

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How To Make 3d Games In C++

  • Dec 30, 2017 C Game Tutorial - Dinosaurs Game in Dev C With Source Code for Beginner to learn basics of game programming. Without using graphics and pointers How to use spacial character in C program.
  • Dec 18, 2017 Hop Out is the kind of game I want to play: Retro arcade gameplay with a 3D cartoon look. The goal is to change the color of every pad, like in Q.Bert. Hop Out is still in development, but the engine powering it is starting to become quite mature, so I thought I’d share a few tips about engine development here.