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The new Find My app combines Find My iPhone and Find My Friends into a single, easy-to-use app that’s now available on the Mac. Use it to locate your friends and family, share your location, and find missing devices—even if they’re offline. Feb 12, 2014  I'm disappointed that Apple has chosen not to support Windows 8 on my 2008 Mac Pro. I already have it installed and running fine (installed overtop of a previous XP Boot Camp partition), except for a problem where the wireless connection is very slow compared to Ethernet or OS X, but I'd rather have the additional features and functionality of. Dec 08, 2019  I am getting slow wifi download speed between 2mbps to 3mbps on boot camp windows 10 pro MacBook Pro 16 inch. The run speed test On Mac OS get over 200mbps download speed. Set the default operating system. In Windows on your Mac, click in the right side of the taskbar, click the Boot Camp icon, then choose Boot Camp Control Panel. If a User Account Control dialog appears, click Yes. Select the startup disk that has the default operating system you want to use.

What you need to install Windows 10 on Mac

  • MacBook introduced in 2015 or later
  • MacBook Air introduced in 2012 or later
  • MacBook Pro introduced in 2012 or later
  • Mac mini introduced in 2012 or later
  • iMac introduced in 2012 or later1
  • iMac Pro (all models)
  • Mac Pro introduced in 2013 or later

The latest macOS updates, which can include updates to Boot Camp Assistant. You will use Boot Camp Assistant to install Windows 10.

64GB or more free storage space on your Mac startup disk:

  • Your Mac can have as little as 64GB of free storage space, but at least 128GB of free storage space provides the best experience. Automatic Windows updates require that much space or more.
  • If you have an iMac Pro or Mac Pro with 128GB of memory (RAM) or more, your startup disk needs at least as much free storage space as your Mac has memory.2

An external USB flash drive with a storage capacity of 16GB or more, unless you're using a Mac that doesn't need a flash drive to install Windows.

A 64-bit version of Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro on a disk image (ISO) or other installation media. If installing Windows on your Mac for the first time, this must be a full version of Windows, not an upgrade.

Run windows on mac
  • If your copy of Windows came on a USB flash drive, or you have a Windows product key and no installation disc, download a Windows 10 disk image from Microsoft.
  • If your copy of Windows came on a DVD, you might need to create a disk image of that DVD.

How to install Windows 10 on Mac

To install Windows, use Boot Camp Assistant, which is included with your Mac.

1. Use Boot Camp Assistant to create a Windows partition

Open Boot Camp Assistant, which is in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder. Then follow the onscreen instructions.

  • If you're asked to insert a USB drive, plug your USB flash drive into your Mac. Boot Camp Assistant will use it to create a bootable USB drive for Windows installation.
  • When Boot Camp Assistant asks you to set the size of the Windows partition, remember the minimum storage-space requirements in the previous section. Set a partition size that meets your needs, because you can't change its size later.

2. Format the Windows (BOOTCAMP) partition

When Boot Camp Assistant finishes, your Mac restarts to the Windows installer. If the installer asks where to install Windows, select the BOOTCAMP partition and click Format. In most cases, the installer selects and formats the BOOTCAMP partition automatically.

3. Install Windows

Unplug any external devices that aren't necessary during installation. Then click Next and follow the onscreen instructions to begin installing Windows.

4. Use the Boot Camp installer in Windows

After Windows installation completes, your Mac starts up in Windows and opens a ”Welcome to the Boot Camp installer” window. Follow the onscreen instructions to install Boot Camp and Windows support software (drivers). You will be asked to restart when done.

  • If the Boot Camp installer never opens, open the Boot Camp installer manually and use it to complete Boot Camp installation.
  • If you have an external display connected to a Thunderbolt 3 port on your Mac, the display will be blank (black, gray, or blue) for up to 2 minutes during installation.

How to switch between Windows and macOS

Restart, then press and hold the Option (or Alt) ⌥ key during startup to switch between Windows and macOS.

Mac Boot Camp Apple Support Phone Number

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If you have one of these Mac models using OS X El Capitan 10.11 or later, you don't need a USB flash drive to install Windows:

  • MacBook introduced in 2015 or later
  • MacBook Air introduced in 2015 or later3
  • MacBook Pro introduced in 2015 or later3
  • iMac introduced in 2015 or later
  • iMac Pro (all models)
  • Mac Pro introduced in late 2013

To remove Windows from your Mac, use Boot Camp Assistant, not any other utility.

For more information about using Windows on your Mac, open Boot Camp Assistant and click the Open Boot Camp Help button.

1. If you're using an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014) or iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) or iMac (27-inch, Late 2012) with a 3TB hard drive and macOS Mojave or later, learn about an alert you might see during installation.

2. For example, if your Mac has 128GB of memory, its startup disk must have at least 128GB of storage space available for Windows. To see how much memory your Mac has, choose Apple menu  > About This Mac. To see how much storage space is available, click the Storage tab in the same window.

3. These Mac models were offered with 128GB hard drives as an option. Apple recommends 256GB or larger hard drives so that you can create a Boot Camp partition of at least 128GB.

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If you stored the BC drivers on a USB, look for a Bootcamp.xml file and post the value of Product Version.

From Use Windows 8.1 on your Mac with Boot Camp - Apple Support, your iMac does not support W8.1. However, you can upgrade to W10 from W8.1 and rely on Windows Update to provide drivers, which may or may not be suitable for Apple-Specific hardware.

Your iMac needs Boot Camp Support Software 4.0.4033, which has


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System Requirements

  • MacBook (13-inch, Late 2006)
  • MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2007)
  • MacBook (13-inch, Late 2007)
  • MacBook (13-inch, Early 2008)
  • MacBook (13-inch, Late 2008)
  • MacBook (13-inch, Early 2009 & Mid 2009)
  • MacBook (13-inch, Late 2009) *
  • MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2010) *
  • MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2008)
  • MacBook Air (13-inch, Late 2008 & Mid 2009)
  • MacBook Air (11-inch & 13-inch, Late 2010) *
  • MacBook Pro (15-inch & 17-inch, Core 2 Duo)
  • MacBook Pro (15-inch & 17-inch, 2.2 & 2.4GHz)
  • MacBook Pro (15-inch & 17-inch, Early 2008) *
  • MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2008) *
  • MacBook Pro (17-inch, Early 2009 & Mid 2009) *
  • MacBook Pro (15-inch, Early 2009) *
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch and 15-inch, Mid 2009) *
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch,15-inch, and 17-inch, Mid 2010)
  • MacBook Pro (13-in, 15-inch, and 17-inch, Early 2011 & Late 2011)
  • Mac Pro (Mid 2006)
  • Mac Pro (Early 2008) *
  • Mac Pro (Early 2009)
  • Mac Pro (Early 2007)
  • Mac Pro (Mid 2010)
  • Mac Pro (15-inch and 17-inch, 2.2 & 2.4GHz)
  • Mac mini (Mid 2007)
  • Mac mini (Early 2009 & Late 2009)
  • Mac mini (Mid 2010) *
  • iMac (17-inch, Late 2006)
  • iMac (20-inch, Late 2006)
  • iMac (24-inch, Late 2006)
  • iMac (20-inch & 24-inch, Mid 2007)
  • iMac (20-inch & 24-inch, Early 2008)
  • iMac (20-inch, Early 2009 & Mid 2009)
  • iMac (21.5-inch & 27-inch, Late 2009) *
  • iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) *
  • iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2010) *
  • iMac (27-inch, Mid 2010)
  • iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2011 & Late 2011)
  • iMac (27-inch, Mid 2011)

all these drivers support Windows 7, 32 bit

Apple Boot Camp Drivers Download

* drivers that support Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit

Apple Boot Camp Support Drivers

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