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  • How well does the Pioneer DDJ-SX map with traktor? Because I already have the controller however I am not really into serato. I dont know really if this was ever discussed here, and I cant find any review about this because the DDJ-SX is already specifically made for serato. I am also not sure if this should be posted here or the software thread :/

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    Have you tried looking up the mapping via Google yet? I don’t know how the mappings work with the SX, but it may be worth a shot to watch users who’ve uploaded videos to Youtube.

    It works OK, but the SX is a match made in heaven for Serato.
    Honestly if I use Traktor I would rather get an S4 or a 4Trak.
    However the SX works stunningly well with Cross also…

    Indeed I think for Traktor there are better suited controllers than the SX.

    I’ve used the DDJ SX with Traktor from the day I got it november 12th last year up until May this year when I started using it with Mixvibes Cross. I still use it with traktor each saturday as I’m the DJ for Team Klaksvik witch is our Handball team. I need to use a lot of samples so Remix decks are needed.
    If you not into scratching the DDJ SX + Traktor is even better match then S4 + Traktor IMHO.

    I’m no scratch DJ so I can’t really comment on if it’s not possible but just referring to what others say that do scratch. It’s doable but not as tight as the jogs are with Serato DJ

    Indeed the latency from the SX in Traktor is too much to really do decent scratching.

    At least I could not get off a decent scratch routine, where with Serato the SX is really tight and scratching is easy.

    Hey David,

    So I’ve been using Traktor Pro 2 for a little while 3-4 months, and I recently purchased a Pioneer DDJ SX and can I start by saying that (as you probably already know) this is probably the best standalone midi DJ controller out there. Great Jog wheels, the pads are awesome, build quality, knobs, faders etc. the whole Shibang is primo deluxo!

    But one failing are the jog wheel integration (as already mentioned in this post). I recently posted (see link below) asking people for an explanation of why Traktor cannot integrate with 3rd party Jogwheels. I guess I’m trying to get a sense of whether it is a marketing thing, or maybe a technical incompatibility. Either way, one cannot do proper scratching with the Traktor-SX combo (only simple baby scratches), happy to go into more detail of my experiences here if you wish.

    That said, everything else is fine. I downloaded a midi mapping TSI file from JaJa Artwork (French guy), and I think Coltrane09 above has a link to this. I’ve done my own mods to this midi mapping, but it is pretty comprehensive, and the other cool thing is that he/she updates it regularly, adding new features.

    So everything is great, except for the damn jog wheels, and I’m hoping someday that someone, somewhere, somehow comes up with a solve for this issue.

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Mapping Pioneer Ddj Sb Traktor Pro 2

Hello Sir / Madam, I have a Pioneer DDJ SB2 controller which I would like to use it with Traktor Pro software. If you can pls help me out with the step by step procedure for the same. Thanking you. Thank you for purchasing a Pioneer DDJ-T1, we hope that you are happy with your product. This customer support site has been designed to provide you with downloadable firmware that will enrich your Pro DJ equipment / PC experience. Applicable Model. Supported Content. 1.Driver software 21 November, 2011 Update. Dec 05, 2013 In case the OP is asking if NI will release a mapping for the DDJ SB then the answer is no. It is a Serato DJ controller. Of course, it can be mapped (looks like a fairly basic controller to me) and I have no doubt that someone will map it to Traktor at some point. I made and i tried in traktor 2.10. I dont know if have problems in previews versions.

Mapping Traktor Pro 2 Pioneer Ddj Sb2

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