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Jun 30, 2012  I have traktor PRO 2 installed everything works my set up is as follows: Audio device: Speakers(2-Mixtrack Pro) and Built in sound card: Speakers(2-Mixtrack Pro) Also my output routing is: InternalOutput master: Mixtrack Pro Out 1/2. I have no options for input routing it. Traktor PRO and Traktor Duo users should choose Mixtrack here. Click Next, then click Finish on the last page to close the Setup Wizard Window. Next, on the right-hand side of the window, select Output Routing. The MIXTRACK PRO has two sets of stereo outputs; TRAKTOR PRO 2 can be controlled from this unit by importing this file. So I'm using a Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 and Traktor Pro 2.7.1. After setting up the.tsi files and mapping everything, it all works great. Except, when I plug my headphones into the headphone jack at the bottom of the Mixtrack, I'm not getting any audio from it.

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Mixtrack Pro Traktor Output Routing Line

  • Hi guys,

    Recently I just got the Mixtrack Pro bundled with Traktor Le 2. I’ve installed everything correctly, and the first few times I tried it, the sound worked and everything was fine. However, the next time I plugged in my controller and ran Traktor Le 2, the music played, but no sound came out through my computer speakers. (Note: My headphones were broken, so I only used my computer, the controller and the computer’s speakers.)

    I’ve also tried it with Virtual Dj Pro 7, and the same thing happened, the controller worked fine with the program, the music ran but no sound came out of the speakers. Does anyone know what I should do? Should I have plugged the computer speakers directly into the controller? Thanks =)

    You must then chose the Mixtrak Pro as soundcard in your software prog (Traktor LE) and in your computer.
    If you start the software b4 the Mixtrack Pro the computer can not find the soundcard on the MTP so it choses the internal soundcard on your computer instead. Therfore you need to tell your compuer again that you want the sound from MTP.
    Try to remember to turn your MTP on before the software.

    If I am wrong and this is not the case and you run PC as I think you do. You might need to reinstall the drivers for the Mixtrack Pro……

    I hope this will solve your problem!

    Yes try to reinstall the ASIO.

    If that does not help it must be that there is something wrong in the settings
    in the routings of T2LE or some hardware error cables etc.

    Start by reinstalling ASIO and check settings in T2LE
    And let me know how it works 🙂

    Kim, post: 12127, member: 1125 wrote: Should I have plugged the computer speakers directly into the controller? Thanks =)

    Yes, you need to plug your speakers into the RCA outputs on the back of the Mixtrack Pro.

    Yeah, you will have much better success routing the sound from the Mixtrack Pro rather than from your laptop. Find a wire that will allow you to run from the RCA’s in the back of the Mixtrack to your sound system.

    Next, make sure the Mixtrack is selected as your audio device ( I really don’t see the point of using ASIO4ALL with the Mixtrack Pro, as it has a built in soundcard that lets you have a Cue Output and a Master Output…) After you have the Mixtrack Pro selected as your audio device, go to your output routing tab in Traktor and make sure internal is selected at the top rather than external, and then make sure Master Output is set to sources 0 and 1 and Monitor Output is set for 2 and 3 ( thats how it is for me anyways). After following those steps it should theoretically work.

    If it still doesn’t work check the simple things like: Your sound system is on the right input. and this may sound stupid but also that the sound is turned up on mixtrack AND the sound system/receiver. I played a gig last night and spent over 10 minutes wondering why no sound was coming out and turns out the receiver was turned almost all the way down :S

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