Yikes, $100 for a PDF? Now I realize that its a series of PDFs, card files, tokens, etc., but $100 is far too much of an asking price. Maybe $50 I'd understand, but the barrier to entry that was meant to be lowered by putting these up as PDFs only got stronger. With printing costs alone the actual price will shoot up much higher than that.
Thoughts? Any other PDf products with similar pricing models? Is the game worth the C note?
  1. Monte Cook Games Invisible Sun Pdf Download Online
  2. Monte Cook Games Invisible Sun Pdf Download Online

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Monte Cook Games Invisible Sun Pdf Download Online

Monte Cook Games Invisible Sun Pdf Download

Monte Cook Games Invisible Sun Pdf Download Online

  1. Dec 16, 2019  The best selling other fantasy RPG is a future fantasy, the second-placed game is an urban fantasy and the $99 priced Invisible Sun, in third place, is described by Monte Cook Games as a surreal fantasy. How much should you pay for a best selling fantasy RPG? This year we are using the lowest price that the PDF is available on at DriveThruRPG.
  2. Apr 20, 2018  The Invisible Sun role-playing game from Monte Cook Games encourages players to discover secrets, both about the greater world of. I just got the Invisible Sun role-playing game Black Cube from Monte Cook Games and it is massive! dedicates itself to quality game content across the entire gaming spectrum, from.