Jan 11, 2019  Re: D810 autofocus fine-tuning Welcome to the forum, does the 810 have auto fine tune like my D500? Live view as far as i know cancels out any front or rear focus problems due to it focusing on the sensor, unless its needed for a auto fine tune which i never had much luck with on the D500,used the old fashioned manual way on my D500. May 16, 2016 To use the D500’s automatic AF Fine Tune feature, you need to have the camera on a solid tripod and aimed at a target suitable for calibration. This should have strong high contrast edges.

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SLR shooters have been dealing with autofocus misalignment issues for as long as autofocus itself has existed, but thanks to Nikon’s new AF Fine Tune feature, what used to be a very annoying and difficult problem can now be fixed with a few button clicks.


Nikon D500 Auto Af Fine Tune Failed

As you might already know, front- and back-focus issues are something experienced exclusively by SLR shooters, since mirrorless cameras draw their focus straight from the image sensor. What AF Fine Tune does is use the live view contrast detection focus system on the Nikon D5 and D500 to calibrate the phase detect system. Easy peasy.

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In the video below, the folks at DPReview explain how AF Fine Tune works, show you how to use it, and offer a few tips that’ll help you calibrate your lenses best. Check it out for yourself:

Nikon D500 Auto Focus Fine Tune

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Here’s a 12-minute video in which photographer Steve Perry shows how to use the relatively new “Auto AF Fine Tune” feature from Nikon.
If your camera is back or forward focusing, then it’s likely you need to fine tune the autofocus. Often this would involve buying a commercial kit, or doing a bit of guess work, and in more extreme cases even sending your DSLR back to Nikon itself.

However, that is set to change with the Auto AF Fine Tune feature that is present on cameras like the Nikon D5, D500, D7500, and most likely any future mid-to-pro level cameras. (Here’s looking at you, D850.)

“The typical way Auto AF Fine Tune is performed by most users leaves a LOT of room for errors, inconsistency, and can even make things worse,” Perry tells PetaPixel. “In this video, I outline what AF Fine Tune is, proper setup, and a technique that gets me VERY similar results to what I see with commercial products.”


By using a target that is full of information for the autofocus system to lock onto, as well as ensuring it is properly lit, you can properly fine tune your camera’s focus for different lenses.

Unfortunately, you can only set a single fine tune preference for each lens. So for zoom lenses that have a varying AF compensation value across their range, you’ll need to compromise and go for a mid-point.

Nikon D500 Lens Auto Fine Tune

Check out the full video above to learn how you can utilize this feature and properly calibrate your camera and lenses.

Nikon D500 Auto Fine Tune A Nikon D7200 Tutorials

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