1. Obama Calls Trump Auto Tune Free
  2. Obama Calls Trump Auto Tune Video

Obama calls out Trump for lying about him. The “wild misrepresentation,” and PolitiFact gave Trump a “pants on fire.' But Obama clearly wanted to set the record straight himself, saying. 1 day ago  Commentary 3M's Ivan Fong From the COVID-19 Bunker: Trump's Tweet, Masks and Bundt Cake The former GC of Homeland Security under President Barack Obama, Fong is well-versed in the art of crisis.

Conan O'Brien leaked phone conversations between President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama on his TBS show Tuesday night. The audio recordings may have been made up, but the dialogue was eerily realistic.

The first phone call seemingly took place right after Trump announced to the world that his predecessor had wiretapped him. Trump apologized to Obama for having to investigate him, even though the former president insisted that he did not order surveillance of Trump.

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'But you know I didn't do that,' Obama said.

'I know, but we still have to investigate it, otherwise it'll look like I'm just mentally unstable,' Trump responded.

'So you're doubling down on the crazy thing you said, in order to not look crazy?' Obama asked.

Obama Calls Trump Auto Tune

'Yes, exactly! Two crazies multiplied together cancel each other out and make me not crazy. Simple math,' Trump explained.

The next phone conversation between the two presidents was about Women's History Month. Trump sounded surprised that there was an entire month devoted to women.

'Barack, I just learned that March was Women's History Month,' Trump told his predecessor.


'That's right. It's a great way to shine some light on women's achievements,' Obama said.

'Well, if you ask me, women are only good for one thing,' Trump claimed.

Obama Calls Trump Auto Tune

'Creating their own destinies without men's interference?' Obama guessed.

'Uh oh, sounds like Michelle is in the room. Hi, Michelle!' Trump answered.


'She's not in the room. It's what I believe,' Obama incredulously said.

'Uh huh. . . . Call me when you're alone, bro,' Trump responded.

'I won't,' Obama said.

Obama Calls Trump Auto Tune Free

Watch the full video above.

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Obama Calls Trump Auto Tune Video

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