SoftwareDescriptionOSLicenseFile DateCommentsPower
Piano One 1.32

Piano One is piano instrument plugin based on the Yamaha C7 concert grand piano. [VST]

Pianoteq v5.1.0

Modelled piano. [VST/AU/RTAS]

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard 0.5.1

This is an app that acts as a MIDI events generator and receiver.

Synthesia 9

A fun way to learn how to play the piano

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard v0.6.1

This is a MIDI events generator and receiver application.

TruePianos v1.9.3

Virtual piano instrument. [VST/AU/RTAS]

Neo Soul Keys

Neo Soul Keys is a VST instrument that simulates the sound of electric pianos of the past. [VST]

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard 0.5.1

MIDI events generator and receiver.

Electric Keys v1.06

Electric Keys is a virtual keyboard instrument that carries 50 classic and vintage sounds. [VST/RTAS]

Pianoteq v5.1.0

Pianoteq is a virtual piano plugin. [VST]

JEM SX1000

JEM SX1000 is vst plugin synthesizer based on the '70s era JEN SX1000 hardware synthesizer. [VST/Standalone]

Piano One v1.2

Piano One is virtual piano instrument based on the Yamaha C7 concert grand piano. [VST/AU]

Pianoteq v5.1.0

Modeled piano. [VST/RTAS]

MiniKeyboard 1.3.7

Simple piano keyboard application that uses a touch screen

Keyboard Tools 1.0

A learning tool which helps you finding scales, chords, voicing, harmony and practicing.

4Front Piano Module v1.0

Piano Module Synthesizer plugin

Neo Soul Keys

Neo Soul Keys is a plugin that lets you utilize the sound of electric pianos on your recordings. [AU]

mda Piano VSTi v1.1

VSTi Piano.

Sonata v1.3

A system that allow you convert your midi files in a piano sheet music and generate differente versions of this piano sheet music using reharmonization techniques. All piano sheet music can be exported as Midi or PDF formats.

Absolute Pitch Trainer

Develop 100% perfect pitch with Absolute Pitch Trainer. Learn with virtual or MIDI keyboard.


A great Steinway WST piano with only ROM samples

Synthesia 9

A piano learning game

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Combo Model V v1.3.3

Combo Model V is a software combo organ, based on a well-known 1960's combo organ. [VST/AU]

LazySnake v1.0.3

Virtual electric piano. [VST]

Pro Keys 2.6

Multi-instrumental polyphonic keyboard created exclusively for iPad.

JamTower Solfeggio Studio for Piano 1.8

This program is designed for learning perfect pitch, relative pitch, and sheet music.

Supreme Piano v3

Supreme Piano is a collection of virtual pianos. [VSTi]

mda Piano VSTi v1.1

VSTi Piano.

Pianist Pro v1.9.4

The Pianist Pro is a mobile and virtual piano with multiple added features for the iPad

Lounge Lizard Session v3.1.4

Electric piano plug-in. [VST/DX/RTAS]

  1. Piano Vintage 1984 Vst Download Full
  2. Vst Piano Free
  3. Piano Vintage 1984 Vst Download Full

Amanda cook mercy song download. Jan 08, 2018 1984 is a virtual analog synthesizer with basic but efficient features: - 2 Oscillators with many wave forms - 1 Filter section including cut off and resonance knobs.

The famous Fender Rhodes Mark II stage 73 electric piano!
Essential if you plan to do funk-jazz, deep house, or any soulul music.
The Rhodes keys can be heard on countless tracks, from Herbie Hancock to Stevie Wonder, the Doors & Ray Charles, Chick corea & JojoLapin.

It’s funky, soulful, deep, smooth, jazzy, lounge, groovy.
Here are the best FREE VST emulations of the e-piano:

1. MrRay73 & MrRay22 VST by Guido Scognamiglio

MrRay 2.2 ! rhodes 4 ever

These two VSTi are donationware.
and they are pure synthesis, no sample involved.
The sound is very good, Mr Ray 73 VST gives you that funky feeling when you play it.
Mr Ray 22 has more parameters and some good classic effects : a chorus, a wah wah, a tremolo/autopan, a distortion and a stereo delay.

Mr Ray Charles:

stormy !

straight Rhodes e-piano

soft deep house chords

Rhodes piano through wah wah effect!

2. MDA ePiano

Based on a small but clever wavetable, the antique MDA ePiano still sounds fresh in 2014!
and since MDA plugins became open source, you can also find version for Mac & Linux, and also 64 bit versions => 20100214/

MDA ePiano VST is simple & effective, of course it’s more limited than Mr Ray, but sounds great!

riders on the storm!

Ray Charles – Shake a Tail Feather

3. EP-Station VST by Big Tick audio

EP station : more groovy keys

A very nice FM modeled electric piano. EP-station is now freeware.
The plugin is not a straight emulation of a Rhodes piano.
It can also do the ” DX 7 e-piano “, the famous FM piano as heard on 95% of the pop / ballad / tv show theme / etc. tracks produced between 1983 & 1989.
The EP-station also features a chorus & a phaser effect.

smooth sound for deep house

phased Fender Rhodes !

ultra smooth Deep house Rhodes+phaser

FM pop piano ! the sound of the 80’s

4. 4Front R-Piano VST

Based on samples, but not only, this emulation gives you a clean sound.
It comes for Windows 32 & 64 bit, and Mac OS X.
4Front R-piano also include a reverb.

soft e-piano for lounge house


plucked style

5. LazySnake VST by Andreas Ersson

Lazy Snake VST

Back to a 100% synthesis emulation !
The Lazy Snake electric piano gives you this lounge and mellow sound.
The synth is easy to tweak, and you have a tremolo + wah wah effect.
It’s not really a Rhodes piano emulation, but it’s perfect for deep house chord.

Piano Vintage 1984 Vst Download Full

soft clean deep house chord

wah wah effect!

Ray Charles shake a snake

6. Orange Lounge 2004A by StarrFish Lab

A funky japanese VSTi , created with Synthdit.
It’s not a Rhodes MK2 emulation, but it’s also groovy, and well suited for that deep house feeling.
We can feel the FM modulation but it’s nice!

pretty hard tremolo effect for this e-piano

funky !!

7. SFZ + Learjeff jRhodes3 soundfont

SFZ+ soundfont player

SFZ+ + Learjeff Rhodes soundfont

There are some nice free Rhodes multisample bank around the interweb. So you can pick your favorite sf2 capable VST player and load a Rhodes piano soundfont into it!
Here i choosed the SFZ+ player by RGCAudio and the jRhodes sf2 , that’s the best combo!

(november 17 2014 update !!)

8. RhodyMK1 by Wahnsyn

Vst Piano Free

A Synthedit VST plugin from Plugindex German website : it has a clean sound, i think it’s based on a soundfont / wav bank. It’s very usable. Unlike the other “classic” emulations, it features a vibrato effect instead of a tremolo effect, it’s strange but that makes unusual sounds!

Piano Vintage 1984 Vst Download Full

9. Clavia Lab by Simple Media

Clavia Lab VST

This plugin is intended for e-piano sounds and also organ and clavinet / harpsichord sounds.