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Jun 02, 2015  Want to use Pioneer XDJ-1000s with Traktor Pro? We've done a video showing how to quickly set it up in HID mode. DJ Techtools - The largest community for DJ and producer techniques, tutorials, and tips. Traktor secrets, controller reviews, a massive MIDI mapping library, and more. Setting Up and Using XDJ-1000s With Traktor Pro 2.8. Dec 12, 2018 Hi, I got the same problem, it is hard to set up Traktor Pro 3 with XDJ-R1, as well as for the audio set up than the controller set up, I found some setting but not everything works and it stop to work after 15mn mix, is anybody has a solution or a tutorial or a special file to make it work? Does anyone has a tsi mapping for pioneer xdj rx2 with traktor? 3 Comments 3 comments. Sort by Date Votes. Mark @ NI April 23, 2018 06:49. Hello xrysa, we don't, but at least we have created a tutorial video which shows the best sources for external mappings as well as the way how to import such a file. I have the question and issue, i. Aug 19, 2018  Pioneer XDJ-R1 & Traktor Pro 2.6.8 - One Channel NOT WORKING. Discussion in 'DJ Controllers' started by DJGiorgio. If you want to use the XDJ as mixer you must setup chanal B and D through channel 3 and 4 witch is probable called 3 XDJ-R1 Headphone or Monitor out. This way you can map maybe the mic knobs to control volume on deck C/A. Groovindj PRO Infinity Member since 2007 The XDJ-R1 is supplied with an LE version of VDJ that natively supports the R1, so you don't need to map it. Just install the software supplied with the R1 and it will work. Also, please register the software here.

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here is the mapping for the new Pioneer XDJ-XZ and Djay Pro! I did it with Djay Pro 2.0.12 on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6!
Features included: 2 Decks with Play, Cue, Seek Forward/Backward, Skip Forward/Backward, Jogs: Scratching (may work a bit tricky) and Pitch, Tempo, Tempo Reset, Master Tempo and a Browsing feature.
If you want to load a track, just select it and push 'load to Deck 1 or 2'.In the settings you have to set the Mixer Mode to External and Deck 1 to Ch 1-2/ Deck 2 to Ch 3-4, so you can simply use the Mixer from the XDJ-XZ.

Xdj R1 Driver

For me this are enough features and maybe sometimes Djay Pro will support it natively.
Have Fun ;)
i have done a really fast mapping for the new Pioneer XDJ-RX2 and Djay Pro 1.4.4 on Mac OS High Sierra! So for the beginning there are only the basic features included like: Play, Cue, Seek Forward/Backward; Skip Forward/Backward (works not correctly); Jogs: Scratching (works not correctly) Pitch; Tempo and a Browsing feature. If you want to load a track, first press 1 or 2 (at LOAD section on the XDJ-RX2) to select the Deck and then load in the Track.
In the settings you have to set the Mixer Mode to Extern and Deck 1 to Ch 1-2/ Deck 2 to Ch 3-4, so you can simply use the Mixer from the XDJ-RX2.

Pioneer Xdj R1 Firmware

If i have some time maybe i will update some features or in some time Djay Pro will support it natively. So for the Beginning (and for me) the features are enough!

Pioneer Xdj R1 Traktor Pro 2 Mapping Software

Have Fun ;-)