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1. The state or quality of being precise; exactness.
a. The ability of a measurement to be consistently reproduced.
b. The number of significant digits to which a value has been reliably measured.
1. Used or intended for accurate or exact measurement: a precision tool.
Precision Auto Tune Open Labor Day
2. Made so as to vary minimally from a set standard: precision components.
3. Of or characterized by accurate action: precision bombing.
[Latin praecīsiō, praecīsiōn-, a cutting off, from praecīsus, past participle of praecīdere, to cut off; see precise.]


(prɪˈsɪʒən) n
2. (Mechanical Engineering) (modifier) characterized by or having a high degree of exactness: precision grinding; a precision instrument.
[C17: from Latin praecīsiō a cutting off; see precise]


(prɪˈsɪʒ ən)
2. mechanical or scientific exactness: a lens ground with precision.
4. Math. the degree to which the correctness of a quantity is expressed. Compare accuracy (def. 3).
5. of, pertaining to, or characterized by precision: precision instruments.



bang on Exactly on; directly on; precisely as planned; apt or appropriate. This British slang phrase often appears as bang on target, popularized by bomber lingo during World War I.

It [a play] has enough quality and sense of the theatre to suggest that before long he will land one bang on the target. (Oxford Magazine, February 27, 1958)

By extension, the phrase also describes anything which is just right, apt, or appropriate.

As a realistic tale of low life in London, it is bang on. (Spectator, February 14, 1958)

Spot on is another British slang phrase which is used interchangeably with bang on.

dot one’s i’s and cross one’s t’s To be precise or meticulous down to the last or smallest detail; to particularize in detail so as to leave no room for doubt or uncertainty; to cite chapter and verse. This expression is said to have sprung from the possibility of confusing i’s with t’s if they are carelessly written without the respective dot and cross. The phrase has been in figurative use since the 1800s.

hit the nail on the head To do or say the most fitting thing; to cut through extraneous details and come right to the point; to make a clear, pithy statement. This expression has been in print since the 16th century. Hitting a nail properly—that is, squarely on the head —is likened to communicating effectively, or to the point. On the other hand, a bad hit which bends the nail is like rambling which fails to get to the crux of a matter.

At least they ignorantly hit the nail on the head, saying that the Devil was in him. (Fryke’s Voyage, 1700)

Occam’s razor The maxim that unnecessary facts or assumptions used to explain a subject must be eliminated. William of Occam, the 14th-century English scholastic philosopher known as “the Invincible Doctor,” believed that general ideas have no objective reality outside the mind (nominalism). Razor in this expression is a metaphorical term for the precise, dissecting, incisive methods which characterize Occam’s intellectual approach.

on the button Exactly, precisely; punctually, promptly; on the dot; often right on the button. This expression derives from the boxing slang use of button to mean the point of the chin. Literally then, on the button indicates a perfectly aimed punch to the chin or jaw area intended to knock a fighter out or at least seriously impair his ability to retaliate.

on the money At precisely the right time or place, right on target; often right on the money. This American slang expression appears to refer to money placed as a bet against a certain, previously stated outcome.

on the nose Precisely; right on target; on time. On the nose is old radio parlance describing the producer’s gesture of putting his finger on his nose to signify that the program was running according to schedule. The phrase is now used especially in regard to time but can describe anything which is accurate, precise, or apt. On the button is akin to on the nose in meaning and usage, and both are American equivalents of the British phrases bang on and spot on.

to a T Exactly, precisely, perfectly.

All these old-fashioned goings on would suit you to a T. (Harriet Beecher Stowe, Dred, 1856)

The OED dismisses as untenable the popular belief that this expression is an allusion to the T square, a draftsman’s T-shaped ruler for the accurate drawing of right angles, parallel lines, etc. Vocal rack vst free download. It conjectures instead that it was the initial of a word, perhaps tittle ‘dot, jot,’ since this was in use nearly a century before to a T in exactly the same constructions. Use of the expression dates from at least the late 17th century.

Noun1.precision - the quality of being reproducible in amount or performance; 'he handled it with the preciseness of an automaton'; 'note the meticulous precision of his measurements'
exactitude, exactness - the quality of being exact; 'he demanded exactness in all details'; 'a man of great exactitude'
impreciseness, imprecision - the quality of lacking precision


nounexactness, care, accuracy, fidelity, correctness, rigour, nicety, particularity, exactitude, meticulousness, definiteness, dotting the i's and crossing the t's, precisenessThe interior is planned with meticulous precision.


nounFreedom from error:
accuracy, accurateness, correctness, exactitude, exactness, preciseness, rightness.


A.N (gen) → precisiónf; [of calculations] → exactitudf
precision-made [product, instrument] →
B.CPDprecision bombingNbombardeom de precisión
precision engineeringNingenieríaf de precisión
precision instrumentNinstrumentom de precisión


modif [engineering, instrument, weapon] → de précisionprecision bombingprecision bombing nbombardementsmpl de précision


nGenauigkeitf; (of work, movement also)Präzisionf


precision bombing
precision engineering

Precision Auto Tune Open Labor Days

precision instrument
precision tool
precision work




(priˈsais) adjective
1. exact. Give me his precise words; precise instructions; a precise translation. suiwer, akkuraat مَضْبوط точен preciso přesný genau nøjagtig; præcis ακριβήςpreciso, exacto täpne دقیق tarkka précisמדויק यथातथ्य točan, precizan pontos tepat nákvæmur preciso 正確な 정확한 tikslus precīzs tepat nauwkeurignøyaktig, presisdokładny دقيق preciso exact точный presný točen precizan precis, exakt แม่นยำ tam 精確的 чіткий, ясний جنچا تلا، ٹھيک ٹھيک chính xác 精确的
2. careful to be accurate and exact in manner, speech etc. He is always very precise. noulettend, suiwer دَقيق، مُحْكَم، حذِر точен meticuloso precizní genau omhyggelig τυπικός, α κριβολόγος preciso korrektne دقیق huolellinen précis דַייקָן परिशुद्ध pedantan precíz cermat akkúrat, nákvæmur preciso きちょう面な 명확한 kruopštus, skrupulingas precīzs; akurāts teliti preciespertentlig, nøyeprecyzyjny دقيق meticuloso expli­cit аккуратный precízny natančen precizan korrekt พิถีพิถัน titiz 小心謹慎的,周密的 пунктуальний; акуратний باقاعدہ tỉ mỉ 小心谨慎的,周密的
preˈciseness noun
noulettendheid ضَبْط، دِقَّه، إحْكام точност precisão přesnost die Genauigkeit nøjagtighed; omhyggelighed ακρίβειαprecisión täpsus دقت huolellisuus précision דַיקָנוּת परिशुद्धता točnost, preciznost pontosság ketepatan nákvæmni precisione 正確さ 정확함 tikslumas precizitāte ketelitian precisienøyaktighetdokładność دقت،پام precisão precizie точность; аккуратность presnosť natančnost preciznost exakthet ความแม่นยำ kesinlik 精確 пунктуальність باقاعدگي tính đúng đắn 精确
preˈcisely adverb
1. exactly. at midday precisely; Precisely what do you mean?; He spoke very precisely. noukeurig بالضَّبْط точно precisamente přesně genau nøjagtigt; helt nøjagtigt ακριβώςprecisamente täpselt دقیقاً tarkalleen précisémentבדיוק बिल्कुल ठीक, यथातथ्य रूप में, नियत रूप से jasno, određeno pontosan tepat nákvæmlega precisamente 正確に 정확하게 tiksliai precīzi; tieši sebenarnya preciesnøyaktig, presistdokładnie, ściśle دقيقاً ٍ precisamente exact; explicit точно; определенно presne točno precizno exakt, korrekt อย่างแม่นยำ tam, tam olarak 精確地 точно صحيح معنوں ميں chính xác 精确地
2. used to express complete agreement. `So you think we should wait until tomorrow?' `Precisely.' presies, ja تماما، بالضَّبْط определено precisamente správně genau helt nøjagtigt; netop ακριβώςprecisamente, exactamente just nimelt دقیقاً aivan précisémentבדיוק यथार्थत: precizno pontosan (így van) persis einmitt precisamente, そのとおり 바로 그래 būtent taip tieši tā Betul tu! preciesja, nettoppwłaśnie دقيقاً precisamente exact совершенно верно správne točno tako je just det, precis แน่นอน Haklısınız; Doğru; Evet öyle 正是這樣,確實如此 саме так; цілком правильно يقيناً hoàn toàn đúng 正是这样,确实如此
preˈcision (-ˈsiʒən) noun
exactness; accuracy. He spoke with great precision; (also adjective) precision tools (=tools used for obtaining very accurate results). presisie دِقَّه، ضَبْط точност precisão přesnost; jemný die Genauigkeit; Präzisions-.. præcision; nøjagtighed ακρίβειαprecisión täpsus دقت tarkkuus précisionדיוק परिशुद्धता, यथार्थता preciznost, točnost pontosság ketepatan nákvæmni precisione; di precisione 精密 정밀, 정확 tikslumas, preciziškumas; precizinis precizitāte; akurātums ketepatan precisienøyaktighet, presisjonścisłość دقت، پام precisão (de) precizie; claritate точность; аккуратность presnosť; jemný natančnost preciznost precision, noggrannhet ความแม่นยำ doğruluk, tamlık, hassaslık 精確(性),精密度 точність; чіткість صحت، درستگي، باقاعدگي sự đúng đắn 精确(性),精密度



n precisión f
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