Precision Auto Repair is located in Albertville, Minnesota. Independently owned since 2008. Precision Tune Auto Care is the fast, convenient and affordable solution to all of your car repair and routine vehicle maintenance needs. Our trained technicians help you keep your vehicle safe & reliable. Oakdale, MN Auto Maintenance and Repair Shop Location Number: 030-44. 1165 Geneva Avenue, Oakdale, MN 55128. Help keep your loved ones safe on the road with Precision Tune Auto Care. About Precision Tune Auto Care Precision Tune Auto Care began as a tune-up shop in Beaumont, Texas in 1977. Today, there are more than 250 locations throughout the United States. The company services. Precision Tune Auto Care - Hanover, PA, Hanover, PA. Precision Tune Auto Care of Hanover is a chip off the old block – on Eisenhower Drive just east of Carlisle Pike. We are pleased to.

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  • These guys are fantastic! My first experience with Pete was having him..read moreThese guys are fantastic! My first experience with Pete was having him build a race engine for my Mustang years ago. I then had him and his guys go through the engine on my sons Subaru. I have been very impressed by the time that they took to explain everything to me, the thoroughness of repairs, and the follow through. Very fair prices too. Bringing them our Mercedes this week for an oil change, tune up and brakes. They are a breath of fresh air in the auto repair world.

  • the old Beast drives like a new van, guys. thank you. it's a pleasure ..read morethe old Beast drives like a new van, guys. thank you. it's a pleasure to have it run as though it's having fun, and not coughing, struggling, and leaving a trail of gas fumes. fantastic! Marilyn Downs Lino Lakes

  • I have used Apitz for over 15 years. Always great service and absolute..read moreI have used Apitz for over 15 years. Always great service and absolutely trust them. We are a 4 vehicle family with all over 100,000 miles and always one is needing something. Thanks, Apitz. Kim Drennen Lino Lakes, MN

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