1. Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Interface Edition Traktor Pro Mapping Video
  2. Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Interface Edition Traktor Pro Mapping Download

Oct 28, 2009  2) Although now the higher 14-bit Midi support is available within Traktor Pro 1.1.1, you still need firmware 2.4 in case of the Reloop Digital Jockey (not the interface version) and firmware 2.6 in case of the Reloop Digital Jockey Interface version in order to use this new tsi-file.

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Hi all, here is my custom traktor mapping for the reloop digital jockey 2 interface edition.
Before I explain it a bit, I must say that I am in no way affiliated with reloop, I'm just an end user. If you've got issues with the controller, take it to reloop. Also, apologies for the wall-o-text, A video would've been better but I down own a camera
You should make sure you're running the latest firmware and at least Traktor 1.2.4.
1.Go to settings window
2.To install a fresh mapping and overwrite your previous one, click the import button on the bottom of the page.
3.To install this mapping alongside a previous mapping, go to control manager, add, import.
4.Change the midi in and midi out section to the DJIE2
This mapping is based on one of the original ones from reloop, many of the functions remain the same, many are different. If you don't already know what the basic functionality is, check here: http://www.reloopdj.com/video_conten..-2/language/en
This mapping is primarily made as a 2 deck mapping. I have not bothered with 4 deck, as I dont need it.
The major difference is fader FX mode which works much like Eans mapping for the VCI. To get this working as I like, I have had to sacrifice the scratch capability of the controller. The Scratch button now enables fader FX mode. When you press it both the scratch light and the FX dry/wet light will illuminate.
In this mode, the touch sensetive jog enables chained FX1, the volume fader for that deck is chained FX2, and FX3 kicks in at the lowest point of the volume fader. The pitch control is also turned into filter control whilst in this mode.
Press it again and it'll kill the effects and reset the filter but you'll now be in fx dry/wet mode on the jog wheel.
Pitch bend and plain fx dry/wet on the jog wheels remain the same. Its all been integrated with each of the jog wheel functionalities and is pretty solid. I havent noticed any bugs as yet.
Other changes include the keylock buttons. These are now deck master buttons, the shift functionality is keylock. Hit one and it'll set that deck to master, blink with the beat (to let you know its master), and setup the headphone cue so the other deck is now through your headphones.
The pitchbend buttons next to the jog wheel are now 32 bar beatjumps. This can save your ass if your too late with the next mix. Or speed it up pretty seamlessly.
The fx buttons, knobs and lights are used as before but pressing down on the fx knob when in chained mode will activate that effect aswell as pressing on the button.
Whilst in advanced effects mode 'Activate 1' now resets the effect to your stored preference.
The fx dry/wet knob still controls the dry/wet but if you're in a playing loop on that deck it'll now control the loop length (saves pressing shift every time )
The shift functionalities are still effect select but the 'activate 2' button switches between chained and advanced effect mode for banks FX1 & FX2 respectively. 'Activate 1' now stores the effect settings that are currently loaded.
So have a play if you feel so inclined, let me know what you think, I hope you like it.
If you can think of any other interesting and useful additions let me know and I'll see if I can integrate them too.
Reloop digital jockey 2 interface edition traktor pro mapping videoDigital

Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Interface Edition Traktor Pro Mapping Video

Cheers guys,
i`m from germany and i`ve bought a Reloop Digital Jockey 2 recently.
My Akai Lpd8,which is mainly used for hotcues an basic mixer features such as filters and key, completes my current setup.
As a beginner of controllerism you`ll certainly come across mr ean goldens much appreciated website djtechtools.
So did I.And all i have to say is that i`m totally amazed of the arcade vci100 fader fx mode.
To put everything in to a nutshell, i want to map my controller to have a fader fx mode like result.
Is it possible to use a button as a global modifier like the fader fx button mode of eans vci 100?
What about some more general tutorials about the effects of the fader fx mode, and general mappings for other controllers?
Thx a lot for your answers,

Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Interface Edition Traktor Pro Mapping Download

Oct 11, 2010  The Reloop Digital Jockey 2 is a mid-priced, compact DJ controller for Traktor. A plethora of controls makes it great for DJs who want to Midi-map to Traktor or other DJ software to customise things. Back of the Reloop Digital Jockey Interface Edition. For me, none of the controllers on the market are “there” quite yet. Sep 23, 2009 This version of the Digital Jockey 2 benefits from audio I/O. Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Interface Edition 2 Branded with the Traktor logo, this controller squarely aims itself at the fast-becoming users of NI's Traktor Pro software and comes packaged as an all-in-one solution complete with a built-in audio interface. TRAKTOR Reloop Digital Jockey 2 IE und Traktor Pro. Brauch man eben bei der Interface Edition nicht noch extra eine zweite Soundkarte um dann mittels dem Asio. Apr 27, 2009 Hello guys. I want to buy a Reloop Digital Jockey - Interface Edition. Today im using traktor pro and want to continue with that. Is there a.tks midi mapping file for the Reloop controller with PRO?