Dec 23, 2018  Boot Camp is an in-built application from Apple Inc. That helps Mac OS users in properly installing Microsoft Windows operating system on the Intel based Mac. Using the help of this multi-boot utility, a Mac user can install and use any Windows op. Dec 04, 2019  How to resize your bootcamp partition without deleting Windows/bootcamp In this video I will show you how to resize your Windows partition (bootcamp partition) without having to delete or reinstall Windows. I am running macOS Catalina & Windows 10 pro 64 bit. Step 1 on Mac OSX is to resize your partition Step. 2 reboot into Windows Step. Resizes Boot Camp partitions & NTFS drives. With this Mac partition manager software, you can easily resize the Boot Camp partition so that both Windows OS & Mac OS X have appropriate partition sizes. User can also connect their NTFS formatted PC drives and resize the partitions as per need.


The Boot Camp partition cannot be “dynamically” resized, unfortunately. At least not in a way that is safe, easy and reliable. There are third-party tools which allow resizing the Boot Camp’s NTFS partition, but these tools can cause instability or startup failure due to incompatibility with Apple’s GPT/MBR partition scheme.If your Boot Camp partition has been resized using a third-party utility, the imaging process will likely fail.

We will demonstrate a step-by-step process to safely and reliably resize your Boot Camp partition and let you reclaim space needed for either Mac or Windows partitions. In this tutorial we will cover the process of reducing the size of the Boot Camp partition, but the same process can be applied to expanding Boot Camp. We will walk through shrinking the current bootcamp partition, creating a WInclone image, deleting the Boot Camp partition, creating a new partition in the desired size, then restoring the Winclone image to Boot Camp. This may sound like a roundabout way of doing a simple task, but it is by far the safest method for ensuring your data and bootable Windows volume remain intact.


Make sure you have a good file-based backup of all data on all partitions prior to starting these steps. While Winclone has been tested in a variety of setups, there is still a possibility of data loss due to hardware or software issues during the clone and restore process.

1. Open Winclone

Launch Winclone, and your current Boot Camp partition should appear in the Sources list.

2. Shrink File System

Resize mac partition for boot camp usage 2017

If you are going to be restoring Windows on a partition that is smaller than the current partition, you need to shrink the file system first. If not, skip to step 7.
To shrink the Boot Camp file system, click on the gear in the bottom left corner and select Shrink Windows (NTFS) Filesystem…

3. Resize Confirmation

Verify that you want to shrink the file system.

4. Shrink Operation

The file system will be reduced to the smallest size possible.

5. Resize Progress

If you want to view progress of the resizing process, select Window -> Open Console Log.

6. Resize Verification

After the Boot Camp partition has been resized, you will see the new file system size and the enclosing partition size. Note that the file system is now the smallest size available and your resized Boot Camp partition will need to be the same size or larger.

7. Imaging the Boot Camp partition

The Boot Camp partition is now ready to be imaged.

1. Select the Bootcamp partition in the Sources column.
2. Select the Save Image icon in the Destinations window.
3. Click Save Image… button

8. Save

Give the image a name, and save it to a Mac formatted drive. In this example, the image is saved to the Desktop.

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9. Image Creation

The Winclone image will now be created. Depending on the size of your Boot Camp partition, this may take a while.

10. Completion of Image Creation

Once the imaging process completes, you’ll see the confirmation dialog box.

11. Removing and Creating a new Bootcamp Partition

Open Disk Utility in the Utilities folder, select the drive and then select the Partition tab.

Note:If the disk is a 3TB capacity drive or Fusion drive, do not use Disk Utility to remove and create the Boot Camp partition. Use Boot Camp Assistant to remove and add a Boot Camp volume.

12. Delete Boot Camp Partition

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FILE-BASED BACKUP OF YOUR WINDOWS PARTITION PRIOR TO THIS STEP. This will destroy all Windows data on your Boot Camp partition, and if you are unable to restore the image you created in the prior steps, all data will be lost. Make sure you have a file-based backup of all files on the disk prior to this step.

Remove the Boot Bamp partition by selecting it and pressing the “-” button.

13. Remove Partition

Last chance to make sure you have a good file based backup! Now click Apply. The delete operation may take some time.

14. Create New Windows partition

Select the Partition tab again andclick + to create the new partition. The new partition willappear in blue when selected. Take care before applying changes. TheDisk Utility interface makes it easy to accidentally select the wrong partition.

15. Set File System Type

Resize Mac Partition For Boot Camp Usage 2017

In order for Winclone to see the partition, it must be formatted as MS-DOS (FAT).

1. Select the new partition.
2. Set the format to MS-DOS (FAT)

16. Resize Partitions

You can now drag the divider between the partitions to set the size you would like for the Windows partition and the Mac partition.

17.Apply Changes

Give the new partition a name to easily recognize it in Winclone.

Click Apply to resize the Mac partition and create a new Windows partition.

18. Restoring the Winclone image

Back in Winclone, we are now ready to restore the Winclone image of the resized file system to Boot Camp again.

1. Select Image
2. Select Bootcamp partition
3. Click Restore to Volume…

19. Verification

You will be asked if you want to restore. Verify that the correct Winclone image and destination partition have been selected. Click Restore.

20. Restoring Status

The restoration will start. It may take a while depending on the size of the image. You can see detailed information on the progress by selectingWindow-> Open Console Log.

21. Completion and Startup Disk

Once restoration is complete, click Open Startup Disk to select the Windows partition to boot into.

22. Startup Disk

Select your bootcamp partition.

On cooking 5th edition pdf free download. 1. Select the Windows folder.
2. Click Restart

Once rebooted into Windows, a disk check will be performed, and then Windows will reboot. After this reboot, Boot Camp should start up normally.

Resize Mac Partition For Boot Camp Usage Windows 7

I'm currently have about 167GB of available storage on my 256GB Macbook Pro, however the Boot Camp software is only allowing me to allocate a maximum of 97GB for the Windows software (153GB on MacOS) even though I have adequate available storage to create a larger partition size for the Windows software. It says I only have 10GB free on MacOS which is not true as I'm only using less than 90GB of storage on my MacOS currently.

Previously, I managed to allocate a larger partition size for Windows (about 120GB+) than the maximum size Boot Camp is allocating to me right now. I have to uninstall the Windows partition soon after as I need more storage on my MacOS at that time. Right now, I need more storage on my Windows so I would appreciate if someone could provide a solution to this issue. Thanks!

Resize Bootcamp Partitions Without Deleting


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