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Numark Mixtrack Pro Setup in Traktor LE

Sep 15, 2011  This is a Tutorial to help you setup a midi controller in Traktor 2 I made a special.tsi file for the Numark Total control Midi Controller: Download the Mid. Mixdeck comes with Serato DJ Intro software and is pre-mapped for Traktor Pro 2 and VirtualDJ Pro, so you'll be mixing right away. Mixdeck’s USB connection also can receive two stereo audio channels from your computer, empowering you to mix software audio with CD tracks. Mixdeck also has an integrated universal dock for iPod so you can play tracks from your iPod and even record your set into the popular portable music device.

Mixtrack Pro is a complete DJ system that works with your Mac or PC. Mixtrack Pro's classic two-turntables-and-a-mixer setup connects to your computer so you can scratch, mix, loop, and much more. Mixtrack Pro comes with Serato DJ Intro. In Europe and Asia, Native Instruments' Traktor LE is also included. This guide walks through the installation and setup of the Mixtrack Pro in Traktor LE.


Install Traktor LE

First, insert the CD into the computer and launch your installation wizard. Follow the prompts as indicated throughout the installation process.
Note: Traktor LE is only included with Mixtrack Pro units sold in Europe and Asia.

Cooking games full version for pc download. Please install it using recommended settings.

Launch Service Center

  1. After installing the Traktor LE software, ensure that you have the latest version of Traktor by launching the Service Center. In the Traktor software, click on Help -> Launch Service Center.
  2. In the Service Center, click on the Update tab to see if you have the latest version installed. If there is an update available, please update your software.

Configure the Controller Settings

Numark Mixdeck Update

  1. Connect Mixtrack Pro to computer.
  2. Start up Traktor LE 2 software.
  3. In the Traktor LE 2 software, select FILE then CONTROL MANAGER.
  4. Select Setup Wizard.

Set Up Numark Mixdeck Traktor Pro 2 0

Utilizing the Setup Wizard

  1. Follow the steps in Setup Wizard. Are you using an external controller? Select YES then click on NEXT.
  2. Select Numark as the manufacturer. Choose Mixtrack PRO LE as the model.
  3. Select your setup. Select Track Decks + 2 Sample Decks (Scratch).
  4. Click on FINISH.

Configure Audio Settings

  1. Under Control Manager and Device, select Mixtrack LEGeneric MIDI (All Ports, All Ports).
  2. Next, select Audio Setup. In Audio Setup under Audio Device, select Mixtrack Pro (DirectSound).
  3. Then click on CLOSE. You are now ready to use your Numark Mixtrack Pro with Traktor LE 2!

Technical Support & Warranty Service

Numark Mixdeck Software

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a Numark product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, Numark's technical support team is available to help!

Numark Mixdeck Setup With Traktor Pro 2

Set Up Numark Mixdeck Traktor Pro 2

Numark Mixdeck Traktor Software Download

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.