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The news came hot on the heels of Serato announcing integration with SoundCloud and TIDAL, and means that users of all of these DJ software platforms will be able to tap into SoundCloud’s huge catalogue of music, accessing their playlists directly from inside their DJ software.

This tutorial describes how to setup broadcasting in Native Instruments' Traktor (Scratch) Pro. Sign up for a FREE account first to create your own broadcast slot. Then follow the instructions below to connect Traktor and start live streaming you DJ set.

Other DJ software integrations announced include with DEX3, Mixvibes (presumably a resurrected version of its Cross platform – Cross 4?) and “Hercules” (so we’re guessing that means the DJUCED platform) – although there was no mention of Rekordbox in the press release, meaning users of Pioneer DJ’s software may not be getting this – not yet, at least.

Users will need a SoundCloud Go+ subscription, but in other news, SoundCloud has announced that soon that will also mean lossless audio – a boon for DJs chasing the best sound quality possible in their sets.

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This is good news for DJs who use SoundCloud for music discovery. Many tracks on SoundCloud aren’t available for download, and having such a large library of music at your fingertips when DJing – much of which is unavailable elsewhere – should prove a lot of fun for many DJs.

We’ll be keeping you updated as to how it works in practice as soon as the first integrations drop: SoundCloud is saying “2019” for most, but we are hoping to test this on Serato rather sooner – we’ll keep you posted.

What do you think of this? A good move for SoundCloud? For DJs? Or doesn’t it interest you at all? Let us know your thoughts below…

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Soundcloud Traktor Pro

Native Instruments has launched Traktor DJ 2, a free DJ software application for Windows, macOS, and iOS devices.

Traktor DJ 2 is Native Instruments’ freely downloadable alternative to their flagship Traktor Pro 3 software. /use-little-snitch-to-block-incoming-and-outgoing-for-program.html. The freeware version of the application comes with some limitations but the most important features are included. It provides all the tools needed for DJing on a desktop computer, a laptop, or a mobile device running iOS.

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Let’s take a closer look at what’s included with Traktor DJ 2. The application features two decks (instead of four in Traktor Pro 3) with cue and loop point functionality, Vector waveform display mode with waveform zooming (additional modes available in Traktor Pro 3), eight hot cues, four mixer effects, filters and EQ on both channels, keylock support (powered by Elastique 3), and support for automatic tempo and key detection. The software supports iTunes import and Soundcloud Go+ streaming.

The biggest drawbacks, when compared to Traktor Pro 3, are the lack of additional decks, reduced number of tempo sync modes (Beatsync and Temposync are not included), missing insert effects, and lack of tag editing functionality. In addition, Traktor DJ 2 only supports a limited number of MIDI controllers and audio devices (Traktor Audio 2, Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3, and Traktor Kontrol Z1). Third-party DJ controllers can’t be used with Traktor DJ 2.

Despite these limitations, Traktor DJ 2 is more than capable of handling less demanding DJing tasks. The interface is intuitive enough to operate quickly using a mouse or a touchpad. Users who don’t own one of the supported controllers can take advantage of the touchscreen controls on iOS.

To download your free copy of Traktor DJ 2, sign up for a Native Instruments user account and request your license on the product page linked below. Registration is completely free. You will need to download the Native Access license management software which will handle the installation and future updates of the software.

Pro Traktor Scratch

Traktor DJ 2 is available for free download via Native Instruments(68.4 MB download size, EXE installer, standalone application for Windows & macOS, mobile app for iOS).