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Windows / Mac

StudioLinked Trophies is a rompler virtual instrument plug-in that offers a wide collection of signature sounds from 9-time Grammy-winning music producer Bryan-Michael Cox. Designed for the modern producer, it combines 13 instrument categories with powerful motion effects to inspire your next round of beat making.
Trophies comes with 500 presets including sounds ranging from acoustic guitars, electric pianos, ambient pads, and mono leads to drum kits and more. You can create new original sounds with pitch and filter controls, as well as delay, reverb, chorus, detune, pitch, glide, and octave effects. A 16-step arpeggiator allows you to generate complex riffs and rhythmical chord patterns to add energy to your tracks.
Key Features
Sample playback virtual synth offers a wide collection of signature sounds from Grammy-winning music producer Bryan-Michael Cox
17 instrument categories—drum kits, acoustic guitars, electric pianos, ambient pads, mono leads, and more
500 versatile presets
Studiolinked vst pirate bayCreate motion effects with the Motion knob

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16-step arpeggiator

Studiolinked Vst Download

Pitch, glide, and octave controls
Reverb, delay, flanger, chorus, tremolo, phaser, and detune effects
ADSR envelope

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Intuitive GUI lets you quickly navigate around controls
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