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We just keep alive the good old days when everyone used to download MP3s before deciding to buy the physical album. The Decline - Flash Gordon Ramsay Street (2019. THE DECLINE – Flash Gordon Ramsay Street 12” LP $ 25.00 The Decline are back with a collection of 17 punchy tracks ranging in length between just 5 seconds and 4 minutes on their new album ‘Flash Gordon Ramsay Street’. The Decline “Flash Gordon Ramsay Street” Album Tour - Adelaide. Public Hosted by The Decline and 4 others. Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 7:00 PM UTC+10:30. Tomorrow 8 – 19°C Partly Cloudy. Crown and Anchor. 196 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000. Pub +61 8 8223 3212.

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From left to right: Ray, Pat, Harry, Ben
Background information
OriginPerth, Australia
Years active2005–present
LabelsPee Records (Australia)

Bearded Punk Records (Europe)
Thousand Island Records (North America)
Disconnect Disconnect (UK)[1]
Bird Attack Records (United States)
Bells on Records (Japan)
Cargo Records/Finetunes (Europe/UK)

Oxford Records (United States)
Associated actsDan Cribb & The Isolated, PEARS, KERB
MembersPat Decline
Ben Elliott
Ray Ray
Past membersDan Cribb
Nathan Cooper
James 'Doody' Davies

The Decline is an Australianskate punk band from Perth formed in 2005. They have been active since 2008 when they began releasing music and touring.

The band currently releases music on Pee Records (Australia) and is distributed internationally by Thousand Island Records (North America), Bearded Punk Records (Europe) & Disconnect Disconnect Records (UK)

In the past they have been distributed by Bird Attack Records (United States), Oxford Records (United States), Bells On Records (Japan) and Cargo/Finetunes (Europe).

The Decline have toured extensively and have played shows in Australia, Europe & The United Kingdom, The United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, South America and Japan. They have toured with notable bands including Face To Face,[2]Ignite, C.J. Ramone, A Wilhelm Scream,[3]The Flatliners, Teenage Bottlerocket, Useless ID,[4]Versus The World, Implants, Direct Hit,[5] Local Resident Failure,[6]Much The Same, The Fullblast, Makewar, and MDC.


In August 2009, The Decline recorded their debut album 'I'm Not Gonna Lie To You' at Blasting Room Studios in Fort Collins, Colorado with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore. The album was released on March 19, 2010.[7]

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The next album, 'Are You Gonna Eat That?', was released on September 23, 2011 when The Decline signed to Pee Records.[8] This album spawned a large touring cycle for the band in Australia, and was followed by their first international tours in 2013 in Europe, and in Japan with Useless ID and Implants.

On March 3, 2014 The Decline appeared at the Soundwave Festival in Perth alongside Less Than Jake and Alkaline Trio. During this performance The Decline announced their upcoming fully crowd-funded EP 'Can I Borrow A Feeling' and debuted new songs 'Yahweh or the Highway' and 'Cool Kids Can't Die'. 'Can I Borrow A Feeling' was released on April 18, 2014 and was supported by a national tour.

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On January 5, 2015 former bassist and vocalist Dan Cribb announced the departure of himself and guitarist Nathan Cooper from The Decline. On January 9 of the same year, Pat Decline announced that longtime friends of the band, Ben Elliott and Ray Chiu would be taking over guitar and bass duties and that The Decline were entering the studio to begin working on their third studio album.[9]

On June 12, 2015, the band released their third studio album 'Resister' through Pee Records, and distributed internationally by Bird Attack Records (United States), Finetunes (Europe) and Bells On Records (Japan).[10] In support of the album, the band went on a worldwide tour, including the United States, Mexico, Japan, Europe and Australia.[11]

In March 2016, Pat Decline played bass in PEARS during their Australian tour with Strung Out.[12]

In July 2019, The Decline toured their latest single 'Verge Collection' nationally in Australia and announced the upcoming release of their fourth studio album, 'Flash Gordon Ramsay Street', which was released on August 30, 2019 and followed with an Australian tour in October 2019.[13] Subsequently, The Decline were announced on festivals in Europe for the following summer.

Band members[edit]

Current members

The Decline Flash Gordon Ramsay Street Download

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  • Pat Decline – lead vocals, guitar (2005–present)
  • Harry – drums (2009–present)
  • Ben Elliott – lead vocals, guitar (2015–present)
  • Ray Ray – bass, backing vocals (2015–present)

Former Members

The Decline Flash Gordon Ramsay Street Download Full

  • Dan Cribb[14] – lead vocals, bass (2005–2015)
  • Nathan Cooper – guitar (2008-2015)
  • James 'Doody' Davies – drums (2005–2009)

Honorary members

  • Josh Barker – Drums (touring) (2019)
  • Jared Stinson – Bass (touring) (2017)



The Decline cite Propagandhi, Frenzal Rhomb, Strung Out, NOFX, Lagwagon, Descendents, Bad Religion, Pour Habit, Goldfinger, Less Than Jake as their influences.[1]

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Studio albums[edit]

  • 'I'm Not Gonna Lie To You' (2010)
  • 'Are You Gonna Eat That?' (2011)
  • 'Resister' (2015)
  • 'Flash Gordon Ramsay Street' (2019)


  • 'The Same Kind' (2008)
  • 'We Lied' (2011)
  • 'Can I Borrow A Feeling?' (2014)

Split albums[edit]

  • '4 Way WA Punk Split 7' (2013, with Scalphunter, The Bob Gordons & Silver Lizard)
  • 'Great Thieves Escape 3'[15] (2016, with Bad Cop Bad Cop, Success & The Bob Ross Effect)
  • 'Local Resident Failure Vs The Decline'[16] (2017, with Local Resident Failure)


Gordon Ramsay The Hot Ones

  • 'Can't Have Both' (2016) Digital release only
  • 'Verge Collection' (2019)
  • 'The More You Know' (2019) Digital release only
  • 'Brovine' (2019) Digital release only
  • 'It Was Always You' (2019) Digital release only
  • 'War' (2019) Digital release only

Music videos[edit]

  • 'Pope'd In The Eye' (2010)
  • 'Shit Yeah' (2012)
  • 'Excuse Me' (2012)
  • 'Showertime In The Slammer' (2013)
  • '66B' (2014)
  • 'Almost Never Met You' (2015)
  • 'I Don't Believe'[17] (2016)
  • 'Verge Collection' (2019)
  • 'The More You Know' (2019)
  • 'Brovine' (2019)
  • 'It Was Always You' (2019)
  • 'War' (2019)


  • Their song 'Shit Yeah' contains two samples spoken by Comedian and Actor Will Forte on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!.
  • The Decline have used samples from films Clerks, Dogma and Chasing Amy by director Kevin Smith on their tracks 'I'm Not Alright', 'Yahweh Or The Highway' and 'I Don't Believe'


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