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  1. EZkeys Electric Grand. The Toontrack EZkeys Electric Grand piano virtual instrument is your one-stop shop for songwriting, complete with the sound of one of the most-recorded pianos of all time. Toontrack meticulously sampled a Yamaha CP-80 electric grand piano, then created presets covering a wide range of styles.
  2. Sep 06, 2016  Toontrack EZkeys Grand Piano Sound Test. Skip navigation Sign in. Battle of the best VST Instrument Piano - Duration. Toontrack EZkeys.
  3. EZkeys Grand Piano. Songwriting made easy! EZkeys is a revolutionary plugin and stand alone instrument that combines a world-class piano player, songwriting partner, arranger and a meticulously sampled instrument – all in one package! Aside from breathtakingly rich tonal qualities, EZkeys allows the user unlimited creativity through its.
  4. Toontrack EZkeys Grand Piano review At Music Radar. A VST/AU/RTAS instrument that aims to make it easy to create pro-sounding keyboard tracks, EZkeys is the third in Toontrack's EZ range (the.

EZkeys is a Piano Virtual Instrument with Extensive MIDI Phrase and Loop Library, Intelligent Transposition Functions, and Highly Streamlined User Interface.

With Toontrack's EZkeys virtual pianist software you don't have to be a world-class piano player to sound like one. EZkeys lets you painlessly add the right piano style in the perfect key to your music. It gives you the same kind of straightforward user interface that's made EZdrummer a success, plus a beautiful integrated Steinway Model D virtual instrument.

Here's how it works. You browse through EZkeys' vast library of professionally performed MIDI loops and phrases, select your key, and drag and drop the results into your DAW.

Toontrack EZkeys Virtual Pianist Software and Plug-in at a Glance:

  • Simple user interface makes finding the right piano style and chord progression easy.
  • Smart transposition adds realism to your piano performances and tracks.
  • Highly detailed Steinway and Sons Model D virtual instrument gives you 'world-class' piano sound.

Simple user interface makes finding the right piano style and chord progression easy
Toontrack loaded EZkeys with a MIDI library that includes hundreds of professionally played loops and phrases. This extensive collection of gives you access to every major style of piano performance, covering pop, rock, gospel, country, jazz - the list goes on and on. Each performance is arranged into song section blocks, including intro, verse, chorus, and other parts. A column browser lets you quickly find the right MIDI performance, and drag-and-drop export makes adding your piano parts to your DAW easy.

Ezkeys Grand Piano

Smart transposition adds realism to your piano performances and tracks
EZkeys's transposition method goes leaps and bounds beyond what your typical sequencer or DAW can do. Little snitch für pc. On the surface, there's the easy-to-use smart transpose wheel, which lets you choose both the key and the chord variation you want. Under the surface, however, EZkeys actually analyzes every individual chord and progression to provide the perfect transposition for each note. The result is that you get totally realistic performances in any key, without having to be a MIDI guru. And there's no voodoo at work here - EZkeys can even intelligently transpose imported MIDI files in the exact same way.

Highly detailed Steinway and Sons Model D virtual instrument
More than just a MIDI sequencing tool, Toontrack's EZkeys come loaded with a top-quality Steinway and Sons Model D grand piano virtual instrument. One of the most sought-after piano sounds, the Steinway Model D is considered by many to be the industry-standard concert piano.

Toontrack Ezkeys Vst Acoustic Grand Piano Download Mp3

Toontrack EZkeys Virtual Pianist Software and Plug-in Features:

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Toontrack Ezkeys Grand Piano

  • The perfect way to add professional piano parts to your music, without hiring a world-class pianist.
  • Lets you create, arrange, and sequence high-quality piano parts, without being either a MIDI guru or a piano player.
  • Includes a massive MIDI library of expertly played piano performances, phrases, and loops in a wide variety of styles.
  • Covers all major musical genres, including pop, rock, gospel, country, jazz, and more.
  • MIDI content logically arranged into styles and song parts via a simple, column-based browser.
  • Smart transpose wheel makes selecting the chord type and key extremely easy.
  • Smart transpose function analyses chords and notes to create realistic key articulations.
  • Supports third party MIDI as well, allowing you to add your own phrases and loops to your library.
  • Built-in Steinway and Sons Model D virtual instrument provides world-class piano sound.
  • Onboard piano plays back content and also accepts incoming MIDI, making it a full-fledged virtual instrument.
  • Operates in standalone mode or as an RTAS, AU, or VST plug-in for compatibility with all popular DAW software.