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Native Instruments has announced that Traktor Pro 3.3.0 is now available, the headline feature being comprehensive iTunes/Music integration.

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Other improvements include integration with Pioneer DJ’s XDJ-1000Mk2 and XDJ-700 media player plus the new DJM-V10 mixer, and Midi mapping for the Traktor Kontrol S3 controller.

This launches today and users should check for updates in the usual way in order to get the latest version. More info on Traktor over on the Native Instruments website.

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Full list of changes

Here’s the complete list, as provided by the Traktor team:

ADDED Pioneer XDJ-1000MK2 Integration
Plug and play integration of the XDJ-1000MK2 including full display support, RGB waveforms and all performance features.

ADDED Pioneer XDJ-700 Integration
Plug and play integration of the XDJ-700 including full display support and all performance features.

ADDED Pioneer DJM-V10 Integration
Plug and play integration of the DJM-V10 including automatic configuration of input and output channels.

ADDED Comprehensive iTunes/Music integration
Faster and deeper iTunes/Music integration via API, with the option to revert to XML based integration for legacy use cases.


ADDED Custom Mapping (over-mapping) for S3
The factory mapping of KONTROL S3 can now be customised like the mappings of S2MK3 and S4MK3.

FIXED Headroom not applied to preview deck in external mixing mode
The headroom setting is now also applied to the preview deck in external mixing mode.

FIXED Keyboard focus is on Main UI with Preference Window open
When you open the Preference window and press Enter or ESC it now correctly closes the window.

FIXED Scratch controlled deck loses Sync when loading new track
Loading new tracks into a scratch controlled playing and synched deck will continue to play in perfect sync.

FIXED S4MK3 Tempo Fader neutral zone too wide
The neutral zone around the center-point of the S4MK3 Tempo Fader is now as narrow as it was before.

FIXED Decks lose sync by moving the tempo fader on S4MK3
Synched decks are now locked against tempo changes via hardware, such as the S4MK3.

FIXED Some M4A files can’t be played on Windows
All M4A files containing any kind of special characters in the file name can now be loaded and played on Windows.

FIXED Some iTunes playlists are not shown
All iTunes playlists are shown, including those which duplicate names of folders.

FIXED Crash when clicking on Music folder (Windows)
Traktor on Windows no longer crashes under certain circumstances when clicking on the Music folder.

FIXED TagLib related crash on Windows
With this fix we no longer observe TagLib related crashes on Windows and macOS.

FIXED Beat Phase output controller range incorrect
The Beat Phase output Controller Range now correctly shows [-0.5. .+0.5].

FIXED STEMS with inconsistent stem lengths not usable
STEM files will now analyse and play fine even with slightly different length of the individual stems.

FIXED Certain Tracks cannot be analysed
Files will no longer fail to analyse with the error: “Cannot execute BPM-detection due to missing transients! Please analyse first”.

FIXED Star Rating not imported from iTunes/Music on first import
The iTunes/Music star rating is now instantly imported into Traktor on first import/play of the file.

FIXED Focused and unfocused Deck A letter not aligned
The Deck A letter of the focused and unfocused deck are now perfectly aligned.